• Marwan ALTAIMEH

    EFB Admin & A350 eOPS Engineer , SAS Airlines

    Current A350 project Engineer and EFB administrator as well as ACARS & Datalink Flight Ops Engineer. Ex-Avionics Engineer Specialist on B737NG, A320Fam &neo , A340, A330 and A330e ATA 22 Auto Flight ATA 23 Communication ATA 31 Instruments & Recording ATA 34 Navigation ATA 45 Onboard M…

    Workshop: Panel Discussion – Aircraft Data Communications – The Alternatives and Future

  • Ken Anderson

    President & CEO , Universal Synaptics


    Presentation: Intermittent Fault Detection& Isolation System

  • Gary Anderson

    Flight Deck Communications Specialist , Collins Aerospace

    Gary Anderson is the Flight Deck Communications Specialist of the Information Management Services business of Collins Aerospace. In this role, he is responsible for working with airlines to create aircraft communications solutions that enhance safety and efficiency of operations, with particular emphasis on the advanced aircraft connectivity now being delivered in commercial aircraft. He started his career with 10-years of airline operational experience, later transitioning to Commercial Aircraft sales at British Aerospace Worldwide. In 1995, he joined the Air Transport Systems sales division of Rockwell Collins Avionics where he developed business opportunities with airlines in Asia Pacific, as well as Europe, Middle East and Africa. For a further 16 years Gary was the Business Development Director for ARINC Aircraft Communications and thus came back into Rockwell Collins prior to the purchase of UTC. Anderson is an active Private Pilot and has held a CAA/FAA PPL for over 35 years.

    Moderator: Panel Discussion – Aircraft Data Communications – The Alternatives and Future

    Workshop: Panel Discussion – Aircraft Data Communications – The Alternatives and Future

  • Rubi Arbel

    VP Aviation, Argus Cyber Security

    Rubi Arbel is VP Aviation at Argus. Rubi brings vast cyber security and aviation experience to Argus having piloted aircraft for 28 years for the Israel Air Force, serving as an IDF cyber specialist and later as a founding partner of the cyber consulting firm, Resilience Cyber Security. Rubi holds an MSc in engineering with a major in data science from Tel Aviv University and a masters degree in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School Government. Rubi is an adrenaline junkie and an enthusiast of all means of advanced transportation, air, land and sea.

    Presentation: Protecting Connected Aircraft from Advanced Cyber Attacks

  • Laurent Azoulai

    Senior Expert Navigation Systems, AIRBUS Operations S.A.S.

    Laurent Azoulai is currently Senior Expert Navigation Systems within Airbus, with more than 20 years of experience in Navigation engineering applied to Defence and Civil Aviation Systems. Laurent Azoulai graduated as an engineer specialized in automatic systems from the Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique de Paris in 1996. Prior to assuming his current position, he was GNSS Expert since 2010 and he held various positions at Airbus with responsibilities in the field of Navigation Systems Development, Research and Technology, and Support, and was also system and software engineer within an inertial systems manufacturer. Laurent Azoulai is deeply involved in Aviation Standardization Activities. He was appointed as a EUROCAE Technical Advisory Committee member representing Civil Aircraft Manufacturers in 2018. He is an Industry advisor since 2011 at ICAO Navigation Systems Panel. He has been contributing to RTCA SC-159 “GPS” since 2002 and he became co-chairman of its WG-2 “SBAS” in 2009, focusing on the development of SBAS & Dual-Frequency Multi-Constellation Airborne Receiver Standards. He also actively contributed to EUROCAE WG-62 “Galileo” between 2006 and 2016 for which he received an EUROCAE Award in 2015.

    Workshop: Panel Discussion: GNSS Strategies – dealing with multiple constellations

    Presentation: Multi-Frequency

  • Philipp Barzen

    Head of Product Strategy / Chief Product Owner Flight & Navigation Products & Solutions , Lufthansa Systems

    Philipp gained his Degree in Business Administration and Information Systems in Germany and then went on to complete his Master of Business Administration at the Durham University Business School in 2015. He started his career at Lufthansa Systems in 2009 as Project Manager within the Airline Operations Solutions division. In 2011, he became a Regional Project Manager and was promoted to Senior Project Manager two years later. In 2014 he started working as Program Manager for Lido/Flight 4D and was appointed as Chief Product Owner for Lido/Flight in early 2017. Since the end of 2017, Philipp has been working as the Chief Product Owner for the newly formed domain Lido and is responsible for leading the overall domain strategy.

    Presentation: What e-Enabling does to improve services and situational awareness , What e-Enabling does to improve services and situational awareness

  • Jean-Marie Begis

    Director, EFB and Aircraft Information Systems, Esterline Avionics Systems

    With more than 25 years of practice in the business development and implementation of mission critical mobile communications, aircraft datalink services, and aerospace systems, Jean-Marie Bégis has experience in the management of aircraft connectivity as well as cockpit and cabin information systems programs. Jean-Marie serves currently as Director of Aircraft Information Systems and leads Esterline’s efforts in business and product development for the company’s secure server, AID and data connectivity solutions for airlines, OEMs, and business aviation. He has also created the EFB business unit in Montreal and managed the satcom antenna product line. Previously, he worked for SITA as Director of Engineering, involved in the launch and deployment of satcom & VHF aircraft systems as well as Aircom ground network services. He has a Master in both Telecommunications Engineering (Telecom Paris) and Aerospace Communication Systems (Sup Aero, Toulouse).

    Presentation: From Flight Operations to Cabin IoT: Airlines Application Use Cases Growth with Advanced AID Connectivity

  • Woodrow Bellamy

    Associate Editor, Avionics Magazine

    Currently I work as a multimedia editor for the aerospace group of a leading worldwide information and marketing company that provides unparalleled business intelligence and integrated marketing solutions in nearly a dozen global market sectors. Access Intelligence serves business professionals worldwide with a portfolio of products, including events, e-letters, data and digital products, e-learning, magazines and e-media solutions. We deliver insight and intelligence when, how and where our customers want it in major market areas.

    Chair: Joint Opening Keynote

  • Tuur Benoit

    Researcher, Siemens Industry Software

    Tuur Benoit has degree in Aerospace engineering from the university of Leuven, Belgium. Since 2012 he is a research engineer at the Aerospace Centre of Competence of Siemens Industry Software. Past activities include the development of a real-time flight simulator based on multi-physical models, modelling of UAVs, and the development of virtual sensing methods based on large simulation models. Currently he is pursuing a PhD on methods for verification of embedded and numerical software for safety critical systems.

  • Prof R. Alberto Bernabeo

    Associate Professor of Aviation, Abu Dhabi University

    R. Alberto Bernabeo is Associate Professor of Aviation at Abu Dhabi University (United Arab Emirates). He is a Doctor in Aeronautical Engineering, in Physics of the Earth System, with post Masters degrees in Geography and Territorial Processes, in Environmental Sustainability, in Scientific Journalism and in the Science of Education with more than 35 years experience as airline Commander, Instructor, Examiner, Auditor, including Postholder positions. He was also Product Assurance Manager for one scientific satellite successful mission. His current research areas are related to the impact of climate change and weather on air transport in the UAE: reduction of CO2 emissions, Virtual and Augmented reality training for aviation crew members, Studying and testing of a green trainer to transform small general aviation aircraft for training into no-emission aerial vehicles and finally Volcanic eruptions detection by RPAS/UAV of chemical composition of particles with direct threat to the safety of aircraft in flight and health effects on human beings.

  • Steve Bogie

    Managing Director, Operations IT, Air Canada


  • Massimo Bombino

    CEO & Founder, Safer Software

    Massimo Bombino has more than 25 years experience in Safety-Critical and Real-Time Software Development. He is the author of the book “Safer Software”, a fundamental guide to better understand the principles of Software Quality and Certification for Safety-Critical markets. In 2018, he founded “Safer Software”, a company offering high-profile consultancy and training to customers facing Software Certification and Quality issues. He was Project Manager of several Embedded SW Projects in international contexts, for safety- and mission-critical systems. He is a safety expert on DO-178B-C and DO-254 Avionics Certification, Gap Analysis, coach and mentor on certification projects. Until today he is teaching several courses: Avionics Certification for DO-178B-C & DO-254, SysML, UML, OO programming languages, … to over 2.000 attendees. From 2015, he is Visiting Professor at Middlesex University – Course “Correctness and Certification of Computer Systems” and professor at University Tor Vergata (Rome) for a 2nd Level Master in System Engineering. Last not least, he is publisher of scientific papers and articles to International Conferences (ECMFA 2010, …) and journals (JSTTT, …)

    Presentation: AGILE way to avioncs certification: myth or reality?

  • Luca Branca

    Director, BEAMFLIGHT

    MScE Electronics (1988) and MBA (1991) from Politecnico Milano. Renowned avionics professional with 20+ years experience in automatic testing equipment for avionics, helicopter landing aids and helipads and helidecks for offshore platforms. He collaborates with relevant organizations and work groups, as the Helicopter Association International, and Oil&Gas UK Working Group. He is presently the Managing Director of Beamflight, where is managing helipad projects for HEMS and Offshore, dealing with the necessary Landing Systems, both visual, satellite and instrumental. He helds the role of coordinator in the ANGELS project, co-founded by the Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation program. He has held managerial positions in the avionics sector since 2000, namely: Director Strategic Business Development at L-3 Calzoni from 2013 to 2015, taking care of, among others, needs of the offshore market, Director Helicopter Landing Aids at L-3 Calzoni from 2004 to 2012, International Marketing Manager at Calzoni from 2000 to 2003, International Marketing Manager at LEONARDO from 1991 to 1999. He is an active member of HAI, EHA, AEI. He took part of qualified International projects and actions, including CAA-UK Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, Industrial Cooperation with the Spanish Ministry of Defence, Glide Path Indicator Flight Trials onboard BP Deepwater Offshore oil platform, Optical Landing System for VSTOL aircraft of Spanish Navy Juan Carlos I, Flight Deck Lighting for DDG 1000 ZUMWALT Class Destroyers of US Navy.

    Presentation: ANGELS – Innovative Safe Landing Using ADS-B

  • Marc Brochard

    ATM Architecture, EUROCONTROL

    2016 – SESAR2020 – Content Integration Programme Manager (EUROCONTROL SESAR2020 contribution) 2012 / 2016 – SESAR – ATM System Architecture Programme Manager (EUROCONTROL SESAR contribution) 2009 / 2016 – SESAR – SWIM infrastructure Programme Manager (EUROCONTROL SESAR contribution) 2007 / 2008 – Long term ATM Research Programme Manager 2003 / 2006 – Innovative ATM Research Programme Deputy Manager 2003 / 2006 – CARE – Co-operative Actions of ATM R&D in Eurocontrol – Programme Manager 2000 / 2002 – Real Time ATM Simulation Platform Programme Manager 1992 / 1999 – ATM simulation platform 1986 / 1991 – French ATM operational System development & maintenance 1982 / 1985 – ATC Paris Le Bourget Airport Specialties: ATM System Architect ATM Expert ATM innovative R&D Pan-European R&D Programme Management System Architect & Software engineering ATM Information Management

    Presentation: Architecture Driven Planning Approach for CNS Integration

  • Ivan Burdun

    President, AIXTREE SAS

    Dr. Ivan BURDUN has 40 years of cross-cultural research and academic experience in ex-USSR, UK, USA, Russia, China and France. His competences include high-fidelity mathematical modeling, autonomous fast-time computer simulation, artificial intelligence, knowledge mining and mapping for predicting the ‘pilot/automaton – aircraft – operating environment’ system dynamics and safety performance in off-nominal multifactorial and unknown flight situations. These techniques have been applied to 30 aircraft types and design projects (fixed- and rotary-wing, tilt-rotor; sub-, super- and hypersonic). Dr. BURDUN’s current research is focused on intelligent technologies for flight safety protection, virtual flight testing, identification and prevention of irreversible anomalies in the system behavior, and cognitive interface for manned and unmanned vehicles and robotic swarms.

  • Daniel Cherbowski

    Flight Operations – EFB, Virgin Atlantic Airways

    Leading job with Virgin Atlantic (UK) in Flight Operations, previously worked at Volaris (Mexican Airline). A proven and experienced leader in flight operations within commercial aviation. Graduate from City University London, with a 2:1 honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and an Associate Member (ARAeS) of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Excel academic record, successful leader and team member. Always looking to improve from any given condition or situation.

    Presentation: Airline

  • Val Chrysostomou

    Product Marketing Manager , Curtiss-Wright

    Val joined Curtiss-Wright is September 2017 in the role of Product Manager and is responsible for bringing to market innovative video management systems and displays for the harsh airborne and ground platform environments. Before joining Curtiss-Wright, Val worked within the Defence Industry in a variety of roles over a period of twenty years, being responsible for developing products for military applications.

  • Michael Contarino

    VP/Snr Engineer, R Cubed Engineering


    Presentation: Multi-function Micro Avionics

  • Matteo Crippa

    Avionic System Engineer, TXT e-solutions

    Matteo Crippa has more than 15 years’ experience in the software development for avionic systems, mainly in the embedded mission critical domain. He is currently the Team Leader in many projects for TXT e-solutions Aerospace & Aviation division, where he is also the reference for SysML/UML methodology for embedded and mission critical systems. He collaborates with the major Italian companies in the avionic domain, like Leonardo and Piaggio, with specific focus on software development for safety critical systems based on RTCA DO178/DO278 guidelines. Among his main publications “Handbook of Research on Embedded Systems Design: Chapter 8 – Effective High Level SysML/MARTE Methodology for Real-Time and Embedded Avionics Systems, Chapter 17 –Mission Critical Embedded System Development Process: An Industry Perspective”. Cloud Based service to centralize Vertical profile optimization applyed to a whole fleet using avionics and weather data Devices and connectivity are changing the way we think and perform our tasks: bigdata strategies, cloud computing and connectivity shall be considered “adopted techniques” now; our target is to bring this capabilities directly in flight. An EFB, capable of optimizing the vertical profile for both regional and long range flights, have been deployed on a fleet of more then one hundred airplanes during a several months test. The optimization is performed in a centralized architecture accessible via web secure channel and uses both inflight data and global data (i.e. meteo). The avionic data can be harvested either directly from onboard connector and from legacy system owned by the airliner. Result are pushed in real time to the flight crew and reports can be accessed online and offline. During this test phase, the architecture and strategy have been validated and verified extensively, bringing “cloud computed decisions” in the aircraft during the flight, confirming a substantial cost savings and enabling future functionalities. While this phase was only meant to validate each flight by its own, further consideration have been analyzed about subject such as big data analysis/correlation and security.

    Presentation: Cloud Based Service to centralize vertical profile optimization applied to a whole fleet using avionics and weather data

  • Dejan Damjanovic

    co-founder, The FANS Group

    Dejan Damjanovic is one of the leading Subject Matter Experts in the field of Aviation Information Management (AIM). With multiple decades in AIM and SWIM solutions, he has excelled in all phases of AIM project life cycles – Systems Architecture, Data Architecture, Database Design, and Fault-Tolerant & Fault-Resistant Systems Engineering. He is the systems architect and team leader for the largest AIM data warehouse ever built by a commercial organization (still operational after 15+ years). Dejan is the co-founder of The FANS Group, a leading organization in AIM consulting and data manufacture of Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) and Electronic Terrain and Obstacle databases (eTOD). Prior to this startup he was the business unit leader for the world’s largest group of AMDB and eTOD production at Space Imaging/GeoEye, the previous dozen years. During that span his team mapped several thousand airports worldwide – the most ever mapped previously and to date using satellite remote sensing technology. Dejan has authored papers at leading organizations such as ION, ASPRS, MAPPS, SPIE, and others. He has presented at conferences for IATA, ICAO, IFAIMA, ATFM and other aviation & geospatial organizations. Dejan’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Computer Science & minor in Electrical engineering from Concordia University, and is a licensed commercial, multi-engine, instrument rated pilot in the USA and Canada.

  • Luc Deneufchatel

    Technical Secretary Expert, EUROCAE

    Luc Deneufchâtel has graduated from École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile in Toulouse. He spent 43 years with Direction des Services de Navigation Aérienne (the French ANSP). He has been a member of the EUROCAE Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for 20 years since 2000, and TAC chairman from 2005 until the end of 2014.

    Chair: Mandates and Regulatory Updates

  • Simone Drakes

    Vice President of Engineering, Avionica, LLC.; joint venture with GE Aviation

    Mrs. Simone Drakes is the Vice President of Engineering at Avionica, LLC; a joint venture with GE Aviation, located in Miami, FL USA. She is an FAA DER with seventeen years of experience focused in Avionics: aircraft integration & certification, product design & development, and quality. Simone oversees Avionica’s Engineering department; including R&D, Aircraft Certification, Flight Data Services and Technical Publications. She provides technical and organizational leadership for product development & sustaining engineering, as well as obtaining numerous domestic and foreign Civil Aviation Authority STC approvals for the aircraft integration of Avionica’s products worldwide.

  • Antonella Esteves

    Business Development Manager , ViaSat Inc

    Antonella Esteves joined Viasat in 2016 as Business Development Manager for Commercial Mobility – Aviation. Ms. Esteves is responsible for developing and managing the business relationship between Viasat’s Commercial Mobility business area and commercial airlines, and for providing account management support for other Viasat’s Commercial Mobility activities. Ms. Esteves has been in the Aerospace Industry for over 20 years. She participated in a number of European Space Agency programs, and was involved in the development of the HYLAS 1 and HYLAS 2 HTS Ka-band systems operated by Avanti Communications. In her previous role as Commercial Director at Inmarsat SA, she was responsible for the development of the inflight connectivity service commercial offering for GX Aviation. Ms. Esteves holds a BS in Electronics Engineering from the Simón Bolívar University, in Venezuela; a MSc degree in Telecommunications and Computers from the George Washington University, in Washington DC, and an MBA (Hons) from the EDHEC Business School, in France.

  • Damien FOzard

    Founder & CEO, Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (CoreAVI)

    Damian is the founder and president of CoreAVI and a leader in the safety critical technology industry. With more than 30 years experience in software engineering, Damian’s entrepreneurial vision has enabled him to lead CoreAVI to become the market leader in safety critical graphics and compute software. He provides overall strategic directions and leadership to his highly experienced management team. Through strategic direction and partnerships his vision of a standardizing safety critical GPU platforms has become the avionics benchmark and has expanded into the auto industry. More recently he has invested in a startup business to create the CoreAVI COTS-D business. Prior to CoreAVI, Damian was a technologist and business leader who founded Channel One, was CEO of InvisiMail group, worked as a management consultant and board member for a number of services and technology companies and has developed and brought to market several software products in the security and networking fields. He started his career in the Xerox management program focusing on financial systems and also worked in life insurance actuarial systems. Damian graduated with a B.Sc. Honors degree in Computer Science from the University of Wolverhampton.

    Presentation: Vulkan: The Future of Airborne Graphics Capabilities

  • Rick Farnworth

    Deputy Head of CNSS Evolutions Unit, EUROCONTROL

    Rick Farnworth is the deputy head of the CNSS Evolutions Unit within the Eurocontrol Directorate of European Civil-Military Aviation. He supports the deployment of Performance Based Navigation and contributes to several projects addressing RNP approaches with vertical guidance. He began his career with Eurocontrol at its Experimental Centre near Paris in 1996 where he was employed as an expert in satellite navigation developing applications and standards for the use of GNSS in aviation. Before that he worked for the UK National Air Traffic Services as a Radio-navigation systems engineer. Since then he has evolved from being a technical systems expert to supporting operational implementation of navigation applications. He is also the Eurocontrol member of the ICAO Instrument Flight Procedures Panel.

    Presentation: PBN

  • Carl Fransman

    Managing Director EMEA, Baxter Planning

    Focus on operational excellence through implementation of technologies such as Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Optimization, IoT, Industry 4.0, etc. Specialties: International Business – Startup of international activities for software companies, leadership of international business development – General & sales management, government relations, operations, R&D, supply chain management, HRM and ICT. Sectors: ICT, engineering (PLM), aviation, defense, public sector, production industries, automotive, rail, medical equipment, media & graphic arts. Academic background: engineering / MBA. Focus on strategy and execution.

    Presentation: Connected aircraft – the impact on maintenance and uptime

  • Dietmar Freese

    Certification Expert, EASA

    Dietmar Freese is a software and electronic hardware certification expert working for the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Main task are product and part certification. Before starting work with the certifying authority, Dietmar spent 14 years as an SW Assurance Nominee and Verification Engineer at Airbus.

    Presentation: Clarification of DO326A Mandate

  • Giovanni Garofalo

    Senior Telecommunications Systems and Networks Engineer, European Space Agency

    Currently ESA Technical Lead for IRIS (SATCOM based ATM Data Link Services System). Biography: Giovanni graduated in 1981 as Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications at Politecnico di Torino (I). After few years at Alenia Space where he was involved in SATCOM systems design, he joined ESA in 1989. Since then he has been involved in various innovative R&D activities including advanced SATCOM On board Processing systems, some GNSS and EO activities and various Applications Projects. In the last ten years, he has been technical manager of ESA funded activities with Inmarsat for BGAN product enhancements and has played a key technical role in the definition and design of ESA IRIS System, of which he is currently the ESA technical leader.

    Workshop: Panel Discussion – Aircraft Data Communications – The Alternatives and Future

  • Marc Gatti

    Avionics Advanced R&T Director, Thales Group

    2013 – Now Avionics Advanced R&T Director 2008 – 2013 Computing Technical Director 2003 – 2007 THALES – AEROSPACE Division – Computing Platform Director Specialties: IMA Systems Network : A664 – Flexray – Ethernet Operating System : ARINC 653 – Do-178 – Real Time Processing …

    Chair: Safety & Certification

    Presentation: IA & Certification in CNS

  • Derek Gefroh

    Director Business Development – Connected Airplane Systems , Boeing

    Derek Gefroh is an experienced aerospace engineer and program manager with twenty-years of airline operations expertise. Derek currently serves as the Director of Business Development for Connected Airplane Systems in the Boeing Global Services division. He is spearheading the development of hardware and software to integrate airplane and ground operations in order to improve operational performance across flight, maintenance, and engineering operations. Derek holds a Bachelor and Masters of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. He spends his spare time with family, friends, his electric guitar, and trail running.

  • Lise Gladines

    Digital Services Marketing Manager, Airbus SAS

    Lise is managing the marketing and business development of FOMAX (Flight Operations and MAintenance Exchanger), the enabler of Airbus’ SKYWISE – the new disruptive digital services portfolio based on data analytics. She has been working for Airbus for the last 10 years where she mostly managed projects related to aircraft systems and digitalization. She started to work as an engineer on the A350 landing gear systems development in Great Britain. She then moved to France and Customer Services department to support the first A350 customers in their coordination and entry into service of new e-operations. She was appointed Product Leader for aircraft loadable software, where she was responsible to set up a new digital way to deliver airborne software to customers. In this role, she has also worked as a consultant within the Airlines for the optimization of their software management on new generation connected aircraft (A350/A380). Now Lise has joined Airbus SKYWISE team to carry on her digital journey and support Airbus customers in the amazing challenge of flying digital and connected aircraft. She has always been working very close to Airlines all around the world and has a strong culture of commitment towards her customers. She is an experienced lead product manager with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industry. Through her Master’s degree in engineering systems development and acquired field experience, she is specialized in new ways of working, digitalization and innovation management.

    Presentation: Digitally Enabled Aircraft

  • Peter Green

    Head of Standardisation Unit, EUROCONTROL

    Peter joined EUROCONTROL in 2006 and became Head of the Standardisation Unit in 2009. He and his team are at the core of European standardisation activities, with specific responsibility for the development of all EUROCONTROL Specifications and Guidelines. He has additional responsibility to cooperate in the development of the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) regulatory material, and the maintenance of the European Commission’s Single European Sky implementing rules. Peter has a seat in the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) Council. His responsibilities as part of EUROCAE include the treasury and overall management of the SESAR Project on Standardisation and Regulatory Roadmaps (C.03). He also acts as the EUROCONTROL representative on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards Round Table. He works closely with European colleagues and his staff to actively participate in the new European air traffic management (ATM) Standards Coordination Group (EASCG). In 1995, following a 16-year operational career in the military and civil ATM and Air Defence Operations as a controller, instructor and manager, Peter joined the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) department. He was in charge of regulating the 1030/1090 environment, also serving on a number of European and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) groups and committees. He then moved to the ATM system industry, joining Siemens ATM (which later became Airsys ATM) and later joined a technical consultancy company, where he became head of the ATM division. As a Principal Consultant working for EUROCONTROL, he was the lead expert in supporting the development of the EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ENPRM) process and EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF). He played a central role in establishing EUROCONTROL’s Regulatory Unit before managing the development of the Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) regulation. Since 2004, Peter has also pursued the evolution of EUROCONTROL-European Union cooperation in support of the SES initiative and now the transition from the SES to the EASA framework.

  • Hannes Griebel

    Product Manager, Inmarsat Aviation

    With a Ph.D. in astronautics and planetary atmospheric entry vehicle design, Hannes spent several years leading the design, construction, test and operations of space vehicles for science and planetary exploration. After leaving the European Space Agency’s Mars Express team, Hannes joined Thales Alenia Space Germany as Head of Business Development to advance commercial aviation safety and operational efficiency through innovative satellite communication systems. Since August 2016, Hannes has been working for Inmarsat as product manager for aviation safety and operational services. With a keen interest in commercial aviation, his passion and professional focus lie on advanced air traffic services, improved flight operations and innovative safety solutions.

  • Anna Guegan

    Technical Programme Manager, EUROCAE

    Anna Guégan has joined the EUROCAE Secretariat in 2018. Before EUROCAE, she has gained experience in international relations and ICT policy, working both for the private and public sectors. She was consultant on satellite regulation and ICT market access in London, advising the leaders of the industry. She also worked for the French embassy in Beijing and Tsinghua University, and at a Brussels-based think tank. Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies from the INALCO/Langues’O in Paris, and a Master’s degree in political sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She also has CIPP/E and CIPM certifications in data protection, and CISSP certification in information system security.

    Presentation: Aeronautical System Security WG72 Update

  • Paul Hart

    Chief Technology Officer , Curtiss-Wright

    Paul Hart joined Curtiss-Wright/Penny & Giles in 1982 as a Student Electronics Design Engineer and held several Engineering and Business Development positions in the fields of flight recorder design, flight data replay & analysis, avionics certification and aircraft performance software since graduating in 1987. In 2000 Paul moved to Thales Avionics in London for 3 years as Product Manager for Military Helicopter Flight & Mission Management Systems. After Thales, Paul moved to Smiths Aerospace (now GE Aviation) as Project Manager for engine sensors on the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter. He was subsequently became Head of Mission Systems for Cobham Aviation Services /FR Aviation for 7 years, being the single point of accountability for development and operational readiness of the Electronic Warfare and Towed-Target suite on a fleet of 15 Falcon 20 aircraft delivering over 3,300 sorties per year, including 20+ overseas RAF, RN and NATO detachments. In 2011 Paul re-joined Curtiss-Wright as Director of Avionics Engineering and was promoted in 2013 to Chief Technology Officer for the Avionics & Electronics Group, appointed as a Curtiss-Wright Technical Fellow in 2015.

    Chair: Latest in Standards and Regulations in the Testing Environment

    Presentation: The Evolution of Ruggedness and Reliability Testing for Modern Avionics, Addressing Cybersecurity on the Connected Aircraft

  • Martin Heininger

    CEO, HEICON – Global Engineering GmbH

    Martin Heininger studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Siences Augsburg. After almost 20 years in the testing, coaching and consulting area of safety-critical aerospace, automotive, railway and industrial projects he founded 2018 the HEICON – Global Engineering GmbH. HEICON focuses on new methods, process and strategy consulting around the efficient safe and secure software development process.

    Presentation: Requirements-based Testing and Structural Coverage

  • Ian Hodgson

    Senior Account Manager, Rapita Systems

    Ian Hodgson is a Senior Account Manager at Rapita Systems. He has over 25 years’ experience in sales and field support roles of specialised software tools and services, working initially in the mobile communications industry before moving to the safety-critical embedded software domain.

    Presentation: Multicore Timing Analysis of Safety-Critical Applications on Complex Hardware Platforms

  • Henk Hof

    Head of ICAO and Concept Unit, EUROCONTROL

    Henk Hof works for EUROCONTROL as Head of the ICAO and Concepts Unit. He is responsible for the contribution of the EUROCONTROL Agency to ICAO and for strategic initiation and facilitation on Concept development. Henk is the EUROCONTROL member and the chairman of the ICAO ATM Requirements and Performance Panel (ATMRPP) and chairman of the ICAO Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) Advisory Group. The ICAO ATMRPP is the Panel developing new concepts for ATM such as the transformational concept of Trajectory Based Operations. From this perspective Henk is involved in the discussions on HAPS operation and interactions with Air Traffic Management.

    Moderator: Panel Discussion – Demistifying Flight Tracking

    Presentation: TBO and FFICE, Aircraft Tracking (GADSS), TBO and FFICE

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel

    Dean of Flight Systems, Technical University of Munich

    Prof. Holzapfel’s research field is flight system dynamics. His four key interests are flight control of manned and unmanned systems, trajectory optimization, sensor technology, data fusion and navigation and modeling, simulation and parameter estimation. Prof. Holzapfel takes a holistic approach to teaching and fosters close cooperation with a number of aerospace companies, mainly in Bavaria. After studying aerospace engineering at TUM and working in flight control, Prof. Holzapfel returned to the Chair of Aeronautical Engineering and Control at TUM to complete his doctorate under Prof. Gottfried Sachs (2004). After that, he spent several years working in the industry (IABG, Ottobrunn) before accepting an invitation from TUM in 2007. Prof. Holzapfel is a member of the AIAA and heads up the Flight Control expert group at the German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics (DGLR). He is also an agent of the DGLR executive committee for collaboration with the AIAA.

    Presentation: TBC

  • James Hui

    Solution Engineer, Wind River

    James Hui is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). He holds a PHD in real-time machine learning for predictive maintenances, his professional interests also include model based Engineering and auto-coding, test-driven development and Agile/Lean methodology for product delivery teams. James is the Simics Solution Engineer of Wind River Systems, and was the Embedded Platform Team Lead for Thales UK. Presentation: Rapid embedded software verification using virtual platforms for full system simulation Modern safety-critical systems are becoming more software intensive in avionics, while the underlying embedded processing platform is moving towards heterogeneous computing. These systems consist of multiple software and hardware modules, and interconnect using various buses and protocols. The complexity of such systems is further compounded by each safety-critical sub-system may operate at different criticality levels. Having many interconnected components makes embedded software verification difficult and costly using traditional test strategies. This paper discusses the advance in virtual platforms for full system simulation (VPFSS) technology to enhance and de-risk software hardware integration before physical hardware exists. This is often referred to as creating a Digital Twins for its safety-critical system, in order to decouple software verification activities with hardware availability. It enables continuous testing right from the beginning of the project. In addition, a case study is presented related to an important advantage of VPFSS is safe-to-fail, where system state is always possible to roll back and restore. This means the testing cost is low enough to adopt a fail-early-fail-fast strategy, which enables error to be detected earlier in the verification process, reducing their impact and cost. The verification evidences are collected at all stages during the development to become a part of pre-certification checklist.

    Presentation: Rapid Embedded Software Verification using Virtual Platforms for Full Systems Simulation

  • David Irwin

    Business Leader, AVIAGE SYSTEMS


    Chair: Big Data & Cyber Security

    Workshop: Panel Discussion: GNSS Strategies – dealing with multiple constellations

    Presentation: Chinese constellation

  • Mirko Jakovljevic

    Solution Architect – Integrated Critical Systems, TTTech

    EE Engineer (Computer Technology: ASIC design, Fault-tolerant systems, SW/Middleware); MBA in International Management; Cross-industry experience; Focus on real-time and fault-tolerant embedded systems, deterministic networking (deterministic Ethernet, ARINC664, SAE AS6802 and IEEE TSN), SDN, distributed embedded RT platforms, embedded cloud computing/IoT, real-time virtualization, advanced integrated systems and modular architectures. Design/integration methodology of advanced integrated architectures. 2 patents: embedded virtualization for hard RT systems, and determinisic networking (filled). Multi-year embedded SW/HW project management for teams of upto 25 people and 4 assistant PMs. 3 years of machine vision and embedded SW design for smart cameras. 10 years of high-tech marketing.

    Presentation: TBC

  • Grace Jiang

    Director of Aviation & Digital Business Development, Aviage Systems

    Grace is the Director of Aviation Digital Business Development in AVIAGE SYSTEMS. She is responsible for the company’s business development strategies for avionics products and digital solutions. The AVIAGE SYSTEMS’ brand brings together the civil avionics products and services offered by both GE and AVIC, along with our industry leading IMA and Digital platform, and Inflight connectivity platform with open architecture platforms, and continues to innovate system solutions in preparation for the next generation of commercial aircraft. Prior to joining AVIAGE, Grace worked for Boeing for 17 years with rich experience as a senior manager in areas across Information Technology, Digital Aviation, Factory Automation, Production control and Suppliers Management. She successfully led IoT Smart Supply Chain project and My Boeing Fleet Digital Channel project. She was also the St. Louis Site leader for RFID deployment. Grace received Asian American Engineer of the year Award. (US National award). She was also a WOC Technology All Star Award winner.

    Presentation: Digital Aviation Eco-System connecting 4As

  • Logan Jones

    Runway Safety Specialist , NAVBLUE

    I have a strong commitment to aviation safety. I wish to use my skills and knowledge to continue to improve aviation’s already stellar safety record. Specialties: aircraft performance, friction, braking, aircraft safety, runway safety, accident/incident investigation, flight dynamics, flight operations

    Presentation: AIRBUS & NAVBLUE using aircraft as sensors to measure and report runway braking action

  • Thomas Koehler

    Managing Director, Vibrant GmbH

    Thomas Köhler has been Managing Director of Vibrant GmbH since June 2012. Between 1984 and 1992 Thomas Köhler worked as a Software Engineer for Motorola. In 1992 he started his own business in the Factory Automation Industry. Since 2005, Thomas has been working in the PCRT business delivering fully automated PCRT equipment to automotive customers in Europe. In December 2014 Thomas left the Automation business to concentrate his efforts in Vibrant GmbH. Vibrant is delivering specialized PCRT solutions to the turbine and power generation business worldwide. Vibrant GmbH is responsible for the PCRT business in Europe. The customer base is divided into MRO business and production testing of new components. In both cases PCRT is qualifying critical aircraft components for a specified life cycle, reducing the risk of premature failure. Born on 6. February 1960, Thomas Köhler has obtained an engineering degree in electrical communications engineering.

    Presentation: PCRT Resonance Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

  • Thomas Koerber

    ADS- B Workpackage Leader Airborne, SESAR Deployment Manager


    Presentation: ADS-B Out Update, Data link Update

  • Thorsten Langenhan

    System Safety, AVQ GmbH


    Presentation: Proposal for implementation of SORA Guideline based on IEC 61508

  • Philippe Lievin

    Enterprise Connected Aircraft Solutions (ECAS) Business Development Lead, Rockwell Collins

    Lead the Business Development activities to develop end to end Information Management Solutions aimed to collect and transfer unprecedented amount of Data from the Aircraft to the Ground in order to enable Innovative Analytics (a.k.a. “Big Data”) and Flight Ops services.

  • Ruihua Liu

    Professor, Civil Aviation University of China

    Professor, doctor of navigation, guidance and control, teaching at Civil Aviation University of China. The research direction is inertial navigation, satellite navigation and integrated navigation. At present, the main research contents are satellite navigation performance testing and evaluation, and the airworthiness technology of Beidou airborne equipments.

  • Dylan Llewellyn

    International Sales Manager, QA Systems

    Dylan started his professional career in Sales and Business Development in the outsourced engineering services sector. Most notably in the provision of embedded systems, software engineering and turn-key product development in highly regulated, safety and mission critical sectors. Which include Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Medical. He has been a part of winning and delivering global multi-million pound projects in to Naval Communications, Battle Management Systems, Commercial and Military Aircraft systems and Medical Imaging Systems. He has extensive expertise on airborne software verification under DO-178C and how tools can accelerate software certification. Dylan has joined QA Systems as International Sales Manager focusing on safety critical unit and integration testing solutions. Automated Low Level Requirements Testing for DO-178C The verification of airborne software under DO-178C can be very expensive because the processes in part 6 of the standard are labour intensive. Whenever manual activities involve complex calculation, repetitive computation, or simply the transfer of information between existing technologies, there is scope for automation to add effectiveness and efficiency. Automation can both reduce risks of human error and costs of human effort. In this presentation we explore how automatic test case generation technology can deliver significant cost savings, while retaining software safety and performance for DO-178C software levels C and above. The focus is on low level requirements testing, because this area has scope for automation in meeting the process objectives. This presentation will explore in the context of DO-178C, how tools such as Cantata AutoTest can automatically generate test vectors directly from source code. How they exercise all code paths (up to MC/DC coverage), as well as check data, parameters and call orders. How the automatically generated test cases can be traced to, and thereby ensure test cases correctly verify the code implementation of the low-level requirements. Finally, we look at how automatic test case generation technologies could be enhanced in future to further improve effectiveness and efficiency.

    Presentation: Automated Low-Level Requirements Testing for DO-178C

  • Kent Lundgren

    Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Pivotal Commware

    Deep experience in market development and analysis Broad exposure to technology industries, including transportation Develop new investment opportunities for intellectual property via market opportunity analysis, valuation, and partnership activities

  • Felice Maccaro

    Project Manager, Leonardo

    Over 16 years of work experience in the Air Traffic Management, also previous experiences in HW R&D, automotive and pure R&D. Nowadays involved in SESAR2020 program, I am the PJ14 EECNS Project Manager. Prior to that I was involved in SESAR focused in CNS ground equipment development, architecture and design with role of Work Package 15 Leader. Before SESAR, 8 years experience in Navigation: product development, systems engineering and product management. In-depth expertise in GNSS technologies; including extensive field experience, early technology field trials, commercial support, key planning and optimization phases. I also am an established novelist with some of my works published in Italy. Hereinafter some of them: “fuoricorso” – 1998 with ISBN I88-86661-21- 5. “roma rossa” – 2012 with ISBN – 978-88-6354-734-4 “le stagioni della trabant” – 2014 with ISBN 978-88-98155-46-8 “bingo” – 2015 with ISBN 9788891188120 Specialties: Project management. Ability to work with temporary grouping of companies and temporary grouping of customers. Consistently demonstrated a strong customer focus. Ability to work in multi-cultural international environments. Strong communication, organization and coordination skills to manage customer deliverables & resolve key issues of contention.

    Presentation: Communication in PJ14 EECNS

  • Dmytro Martynenko

    Application Engineer, MathWorks


    Presentation: TBC

  • John McHale

    Editor in Chief, Avionics Design & Military Embedded Systems


    Chair: Panel Discussion: GNSS Strategies – dealing with multiple constellations

    Moderator: Panel Discussion: GNSS Strategies – dealing with multiple constellations

  • Noam Menscher

    Head of Aviation R&D, Argus Cyber Security

  • Ben Nagel

    Security Consultant, F-Secure

    Benjamin is an aviation security consultant at the Cyber Security Services team of F-Secure. For ten years he focused on the convergence of security and safety and specialized in the aviation domain. During the last years he did research on data loading solutions and the use of wireless communication in the aircraft domain. In his current role he is helping international aviation customers to tackle cyber security problems and he is involved in theEUROCAE WG-72 working on the cyber security standards for the aviation industry.

  • Ingo Nickles

    Senior Field Application Engineer, Vector Informatik GmbH

    Ingo Nickles is Senior Field Application Engineer at Vector and responsible for customer and project support for training and lectures. He has over 25 years of professional experience in software development, system design, software testing and agile development methods.

  • Ricardo Oliveira

    Military Navigation Expert , EUROCONTROL

    Ricardo Oliveira started his career in the Portuguese Air Force Academy in 2000 while completing a degree in Aeronautical Military Sciences / Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a specialization in Telecommunications. After his graduation, he was designated as Technical Manager for navigation systems and as from 2010 he led the Portuguese Air Force CNS/ATM Department. Simultaneously, he continued his academic education through a Post-Graduation in Leadership & Management and a Master in Corporate Sciences. Ricardo Oliveira has joined EUROCONTROL in 2014 as Military Navigation Expert. He has been providing technical expertise and leading, managing and delivering contributions to projects related to civil-military navigation interoperability as required for the support of EUROCONTROL activities, including contribution to SESAR projects.

    Presentation: Dual Use CNS for Military

  • Martin Orejas

    Principal Scientist, Honeywell

    Biography: Martin received a M.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering from National University of Comahue, Argentina and a double M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from Lulea UT, Sweden and Czech Technical University, Czech Republic. Martin has 11+ years of experience working on the design and development of Honeywell next generation of aeronautical GNSS receivers. He has lead the GNSS research efforts in areas like integrity monitoring, signal processing, and interference and spoofing detection and mitigation. He has extensive knowledge on Satellite and Ground Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS, GBAS), acquisition and tracking algorithms, positioning algorithms, and RF front-end design. He has been in charge of the development of Honeywell DFMC GPS/Galileo/SBAS prototype. Additionally, he has been supporting GNSS standardization efforts at EUROCAE WG62 for the last 9 years. As a principal scientist he has been a key contributor to Honeywell product and technology roadmaps. Martin holds more than 10 GNSS related patents.

    Workshop: Panel Discussion: GNSS Strategies – dealing with multiple constellations

  • Ali Ozturk

    Senior Systems Engineer , Havelsan A.S.

    I was born on 2nd Dec 1971 in Konya, Turkey. I graduated from Hacettepe University Computer Engineering Department in 1996. I earned MSc and Phd degrees from Gebze Institue of Technology, Computer Engineering Department and Selcuk University, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department, respectively. Since 2005, I have been working in Havelsan A.S. which is one of the leading technology companies of Turkey. I am Senior Systems Engineer for 13 years in a multinational and multisite project called Peace Eagle Airborne Early Warning and Air Command and Control Systems.

    Presentation: CONNECT: Integration of Mission Software and Simulation Software via LAN Interface

  • Nuno Paiva

    Project Manager, GMV

    Nuno Paiva is a Software Project Manager and certified PMP®, with more than 20 years’ experience on critical software development. Starting in the telecom industry as a software developer, Nuno has worked throughout his career in companies such as Alcatel, Siemens and Nokia on land line and mobile switching and signalling systems. Nuno has been in the Aerospace and Defence sector at GMV for the past 10 years, where he has worked in several projects of the ESA Galileo programme and Eumetsat, from technical leader up to Project Manager. Currently, Nuno works as a Project Manager at GMV’s IMA centre of competence managing a project for a novel software architecture partitioned operating system targeted at the safety-critical market.

  • Joseph Palovick

    Principal Systems Engineer, Astronics Connectvity Systems and Certification

    Joe Palovick is a Principal IFEC Systems Engineer with Astronics Connectivity Systems and Certification, bringing 20+ years in engineering and product management roles in the In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity market working for both large and small companies. Previously, he successfully led numerous cabin network and SATCOM product development programs at companies including Gogo and Honeywell. Joe offers strengths in business development, leadership of cross-functional teams, and customer relationship management plus extensive experience in product development, marketing, and sales support in the IFEC market.

  • Paul Parkinson

    Principal Systems Architect, Aerospace & Defence , Wind River

    Paul Parkinson is a Principal Systems Architect at Wind River. In his role, he works with Wind River’s Aerospace & Defence customers mainly in the UK, and on occasions across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He joined the company in 2000, and has worked with Wind River’s safety-critical VxWorks platforms for federated avionics and integrated modular avionics (IMA) for many years, including customer programmes, and product integration with leading partner AdaCore. Paul also has an active professional interest in cyber security and Information Assurance. Paul has a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and has also attained the European Engineer (Eur Ing) professional qualification. Paul was elected to Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (FIET) in 2014. He has served on the technical committees for several industry conferences, and has co-authored a number of conference papers, Wind River white papers and journal articles.

    Presentation: Advances in Civil Certification of Multicore Processing Systems in Commercial Avionics

  • Stig Patey

    Manager Flight Support, Norwegian

    “Stig has been with Norwegian as a pilot since 2006 and manages fuel and cost saving initiatives in the Company, which currently is ranked as the most fuel efficient airline across the Atlantic by ICCT. He is mostly in his office but gets the chance to fly as a captain on the B737 now and then.”

  • Robert Pickles

    Software Architect, SYSGO

  • Anantia Prakasa

    Lecturer & Researcher, Avionics Engineer , Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto (ITTP)

    More than 15 years working in Aviation Industry, starting 1995 in IPTN – Indonesia’s Aircraft Manufacturer as Avionics System Engineer and hold positions as System Integrator during various aircraft and helicopter project, two years’ in 1999 followed to be Leader of Avionics System for some aircraft and helicopter project, and culminate as Project Leader for Aircraft Navigation Trainer in 2006. During these period manage the development of Navigation Trainer System Requirements and interface to Ground Support Navigation Trainer, which also cover development mission scenarios and requirements that proved Avionics System design met or exceeded customer requirements. Completed various design issue and troubleshooting during test and certification. In 2008 join one the biggest MRO FAR 145 in Mid East served as Sr. Avionics Engineer and provide solutions / execution to provide worldwide engineering support for maintenance and finishing some VIP & VVIP customer aircraft project. Redesigned an obsolete maintenance system with multiple design alternatives and authored official trade study documents. Back to Indonesia in 2013 and serve as Avionics System Engineer in Aircraft Design Office to serve as technical expert on a multitude of Advance Avionics System Digital Design and Human Digital Ergonomics Factors (HDEF). Acted as expert in covert electronics, communication, navigation, surveillance system (CNS/ATM). Now serve as Lecture and Researcher in Higher Education namely Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto (ITTP) and taught the various subject related to Aviation, i.e.: Radar, Navigation and Remote Sensing subject.

    Presentation: Design Modelling Test for R80 Flight Deck with Human Digital Ergonomics Factors (HDEF)

  • Dave Radack

    Pr. Software Engineer, Collins Aerospace

    Dave Radack is a Principal Software Engineer with Collins Aerospace, where he serves as a software architect for the Common Platform Software department within the Avionics business. Dave has over 20 years of experience leading teams in developing safety critical and mission critical processing platforms for civil and military avionics applications, with primary interest in operating system integration and hardware abstraction layers. For the past several years, his focus has been on applying multicore processing technology to safety critical systems that require certification at the highest design assurance levels. Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. Dave is a member of the Multicore for Avionics (MCFA) industry group, the ARINC 653 committee, and the Operating System Segment subcommittee of the FACE consortium.

  • George Ric

    Senior Marketing & Product Strategy Manager, Safran Electronics & Defense

    Safran Electronics & Defense intends to extend its footprint in the domain of ‘Data Solutions’ and I am part of this adventure. Indeed, I have the role of ‘roadmap owner’ for Data Solutions, i.e. products & services. To do so I have to involve many stakeholders of the organization and this is a very motivating and inspiring challenge from a technical & business standpoint as well as from a relationship one . I have been working in aeronautics for roughly 30 years being part of several companies among which Rockwell Collins, Sagem, Airbus. Since 2000 I have been involved in the development of all Airbus A/C Information Systems beginning with the first information system ever certified by Airbus on A340 500-600, then the A380 & finally the A350XWB On-board Information Systems. For the last 10 years I particularly focused my activities on electronic operations; i.e. Electronic Flight Bag, maintenance operations, cockpit connectivity. In my last position at Airbus I was acting as A/C cyber security architect and this topic remains of high interest to me. I am a graduate in electronics and I have been recognized as a referring in secure on-board information systems architecture within Airbus. Specialties: Electronic Flight Bag, On-board Information Systems architecture, Aircraft Connectivity, Aviation System Engineering, Computer science, Network technology, Cyber Security architecture and assessment, Hardware

  • Mark Richardson

    Lead Applications Engineer, LDRA

    • 30+ years of experience in Embedded Real Time Software • Excellent presentation skills; seminars, videos, demos, … • Created high quality training material for LDRA tool suite, Rhapsody, … • Expert in Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Unit Testing, UML Specialties: LDRA tool suite, MISRA C 2012, MISRA C++:2008, Rhapsody, UML 2, C++, C, Java, Operating Systems (VxWorks, INTEGRITY, Windows, ThreadX, QNX, DSPBios, µC/OS-II, DEOS …) IDEs (Eclipse, IAR Embedded Workbench, MULTI, CodeWarrior, MPLAB, MPLABX, HEW, Momentics, … ) Compilers (Microsoft, Gnu, GreenHills,TI, IAR, Keil, Renesas, DDC-I, Microchip, Analog Devices, Microchip, …) Debuggers (Lauterbach, iSYSTEM, …)

    Presentation: Systems & Safety Risks / DO-178C Compliance

  • Jose Ruiz

    Senior Software Engineer, AdaCore

    More than 15 years of experience in embedded real-time systems, having authored/coauthored over 40 papers in that area. Expert in certification of high-integrity systems and automatic code generation in aeronautics, space and railway domains. Specialties: Embedded real-time systems


    Principal Technical Leader, Accord Global Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd

    Balakrishna Saradka received a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Electronics & Communication (E&C) from VTU Belgaum in 2005, and Master of Science (MS) in Communication Systems from IIT Madras, Chennai in 2012. He is working as the “Principal Technical Leader” at Accord Global Technology solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore India since 2013. He has 10+ years of industry experience in the design and development of ADS-B systems, NAVCOM and GNNS receiver design and development for avionics, automotive and defence applications at Accord. He is proficient in hardware design and developed several software-algorithms for avionics applications in GNSS receivers. He has published several papers in GNSS receivers, communication systems in various national and international conferences and journals. His MS thesis is on “Dirty Paper Coding Schemes for MIMO Broadcast Channel”. His interests are on design and development of GNSS and ADS-B receivers, Navigation Systems and Channel-Coding techniques for Communication systems.

  • Oliver Salzmann

    Teamleader Flight Operations, Skyconseil

    Oliver joined Skyconseil in 2014 as leader of the Flight operations team. In this context he is amongst others, responsible for development of the EFB decision aid application GUIDOR. He started his professional career in 2006 at CeBeNetwork working for the Aircraft Performance department of Airbus in Bremen. His activities basically focused on high speed performance computations and modelling. In 2009 he moved as a Teamleader to Toulouse to develop the local subsidiary. In 2013 he became high speed aircraft performance modelling specialist before focusing on the development of Airline applications.

  • Ben Sampson

    Editor, Aerospace Testing International

    Ben has worked all of his career as a journalist and now editor, covering almost all aspects of technology, engineering and industry. In the last 16 years he has written on subjects from nuclear submarines and autonomous cars to future design and manufacturing technologies and commercial aviation. Latterly editor of a leading engineering magazine, he brings an eye for a great story and lots of experience to the team.

    Chair: The Future for Testing and Certification, Meeting Testing and Certification Standards

  • Alonso Pardo Sanguino

    Looking for the Digital Twin Aircraft , Airbus Defence and Space

    Telecommunication Engineering and Master in Electronic Systems Engineering, I started to work in Airbus Defence and Space since 2008 in the Electrical Systems department and later in the Vision and Lighting Systems department. Additionally, I worked into the Rosetta mission in the European Space Agency as an Instrumentation Engineer using models to predict the behaviour of the spacecraft systems during the operational phase. Currently I am working in the System Functional Test department where I am focused on the construction of the Digital Twin Aircraft concept using MBSE methodologies.

    Presentation: Looking for the Digital Twin Aircraft

  • Lewis Sckolnick

    Researcher, Rector Press Ltd

  • Murray Skelton

    Director of Aircraft Solution Strategy, Teledyne Controls

    Murray Skelton is Senior Director of Aircraft Solution Strategy for Teledyne Controls specializing in aircraft connectivity, eOperations and advanced aircraft data management. Having worked in aviation software for over 18 years he has developed a range of solutions for flight operations, engineering management and later the IFE market including one of the worlds’ first commercial wireless IFE systems. Murray has worked with many leading airlines around the world implementing new solutions and improving operational efficiencies. With a background and qualification in IT and Telecommunications his move to specialize in aviation software in 2001 was well timed with the industry growth in new avionics technologies. Murray is currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK).

    Chair: Securing The Connected

    Workshop: Panel Discussion – Aircraft Data Communications – The Alternatives and Future

    Presentation: Spinning data or streaming data (on the ground or in the air) , Spinning data or streaming data (on the ground or in the air)

  • Anthony Spouncer

    Snr Director, Inmarsat

    Tony has worked in aviation and defence for over 30 years, implementing business systems’ solutions and connectivity. Previously he worked for easyJet, where he performed numerous roles from Engineering Systems Manager to Business Systems Manager for IT Operations – Digital Operations, Engineering and Safety. There he and his team defined and implemented the ‘Connected’ program of work, resulting in cockpit EFB deployment; Crew Portal outsourcing and integration; and Enterprise Mobility Management for the operation of cabin mobile devices for the crew. Tony is passionate about providing mobility to operations teams, supplier partners, and the Complete Connected Aircraft. Now as Inmarsat’s Senior Director of Global Operational Services, he helps define and deploy the next generation of high-capacity, reliable, affordable broadband connectivity solutions to help bring airlines ultimate visibility into their operations. Developing the Inmarsat Aviation Certified Application Provider Programme, Tony works with market leading application providers to help create and promote the next generation of connected applications and benefits. Inmarsat is the trusted provider of satellite communications services to the majority of the world’s airlines, providing essential connectivity where it is needed, when it is needed around the globe. For over 25 years we have been delivering industry-leading satellite safety communications services and are building on this heritage to develop next generation solutions for the Complete Connected Aircraft.

    Chair: Connecting the 4 A’s

    Workshop: Panel Discussion – Demistifying Flight Tracking

    Presentation: Business case for Connectivity – Turning Cost into Profit

  • Karel Stastny

    Head of Research and Technology, AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH

    Karel has more than 20 years of experience in embedded control development and certification for automotive and aerospace industries. During his career he worked as a software engineer for car dynamic stability controllers, system engineer for car dynamic stability systems, electrical parking brakes and engine control systems, hardware engineer for engine controller units, project manager and team leader for hardware and product electronics development team. He gained experience in automotive on stability controllers, electrical by wire controllers. Within the area of aerospace he gained experience in many various electrical controllers such as flight controllers, engine controllers and brake controllers. Today he is responsible for the Research and Technology at AES dealing mainly with controllers for conventional civil/ military aircrafts and urban air mobility.

  • Per-Tore Steinhaug

    Project Manager, Test Center Norway


  • Ruben Stepin

    Manager, Advanced Systems Group , SKYTRAC Systems Ltd.

    Prior to joining SKYTRAC, Ruben worked with Lufthansa Systems FlightNav in Switzerland as a Product Manager for flight deck solutions. As a Service Delivery Manager he worked closely with more than 60 high profile airlines, including Lufthansa, Emirates, FedEx, and Air Berlin. Ruben has held an Australian (CASA) Private Pilot’s License, and has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Aviation from the University of South Australia. As Manager of the Advanced Systems Group, Ruben is responsible for introducing new value-driven intelligent connectivity services to SKYTRAC’s product portfolio. Ruben is heavily involved in the AEEC Global Aircraft Tracking (GAT) and Timely Recovery of Flight Data (TRFD) working groups and spearheading SKYTRAC’s GADSS initiative.

    Workshop: Panel Discussion – Demistifying Flight Tracking

  • Michael Stodt

    VP Structural Testing & Integrity, IABG GmbH

    Michael Stodt is a Vice President at IABG, where he leads all activities in the areas of structural testing and structural integrity. These subjects are not limited but focused to the area of aeronautics. Michael works for IABG for more than 17 years now, starting as a test engineer in the area of Full Scale Fatigue Testing of aircraft, like A340-600, A380, A220 and others. Since 2015, he is responsible for the testing of structures from part to full-scale level and takes responsibility on the structural integrity activities for in-service aircraft fleets.

    Presentation: Certification testing of structures under the effect of the virtualisation

  • Katerina Strelcova

    Market Development & Innovation, European GNSS Agency

    Triggering innovation technologies in aviation and space market. Specialist in: • Satellite technologies in aviation: EGNOS/GPS, Galileo, development of new GNSS applications • Program and project management, leadership, business development gained throughout my international industry and go…

    Workshop: Panel Discussion: GNSS Strategies – dealing with multiple constellations

    Presentation: EGNOS & Galileo

  • Harold Tiedeman, Jr

    Technical Fellow , Rockwell Collins

    Harold G. Tiedeman Jr. is a Rockwell Collins Fellow. In this role, Harold — who works in Common Platform Software within the company’s Government Systems business — is an architect for the Next Generation Avionics and Mission Computer technology development programs. Harold also serves as architect for many of Government Systems’ strategic new business pursuits. Harold joined the company in 1987 and has held a number of leadership roles throughout his tenure. Prior to being named a Rockwell Collins Fellow in 2014, he spent several years as a systems engineer working on many rotorcraft avionics programs. For example, he was the chief architect for the development and fielding of the Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) cockpit. Harold has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University. Harold is a member, and forum co-chair, of the Avionics and Systems Committee of the American Helicopter Society, as well as the VITA Standards Organization. Harold is also a session chair for the Digital Avionics Systems Conference, IMA track.

  • Paul Tingey

    Senior Field Application Engineer, Real-Time Innovations

    Paul Tingey is a Senior Field Application Engineer for Real-Time Innovations (RTI). Paul has over 20 years of experience with Embedded hardware and software products in the Networking and Aerospace and Defence markets. Prior to his work as a Field Application Engineer with RTI, Paul developed and implemented IoT solutions for customers including major networking corporations.

    Presentation: Applying Data-Centric Connectivity to Avionics Systems

  • Serdar Uzumcu

    System Engineering Group Lead, Havelsan AS

    Serdar Üzümcü graduated from Electronics and Information Technologies (2003) at Technical University of Munich in the Communication Network Area. He worked at several safety critical real-time embedded, centralized and decentralized systems in the scope of civil aircraft projects as software/test and system engineer at AOA Apparatebau Gauting (2004-2012). Since 2012 he is working at HAVELSAN A.Ş , Ankara/Turkey in different positions such as System Design and Maintenance Engineer for the Peace Eagle AEW&C Project of Turkey (2012-2013), System and Architecture Engineer IFE & AHM Systems (2013), System Engineering Group Manager in Informaton&Security Technologies VP (2014-2015), System Solution Manager for Information & Security Systems (2016-2017) , Principal System Analysis and Design Engineer Command & Control Systems (2017-2018), System Engineering Group Lead Command, Control and Defense Technologies VP(2018-…).

    Presentation: Importance of SATCOM for C4I Applications, Importance of SATCOM for C4I Aplications

  • Filip Verhaeghe

    Founder & CEO, (UN)MANNED

    Certified Intelligence – We are hiring! We are looking for embedded computer vision researchers, C developers, VHDL developers, developers who know both Swift and C#, document writers, (AS9100) QA staff, and more. We are very interested in people passionate about computer languages. Love for aircraft is a plus! We build software and electronics for manned and unmanned aircraft. From the glass cockpit of large aircraft to the engine control of a small UAV. If it needs airworthiness certified software, we provide it, all around the world. We have developed Sol, a computer language that can automatically generate real-time avionics software, and automatically provide all certification evidence needed for EASA/FAA/… authorities. We’re expanding both the language and its IDE. And we are adding computer vision capabilities to it.

  • Valentin Vincent

    Business Development & Marketing Manager, Airbus SAS

    10 years’ experience in Airbus Design Office Aircraft performance developments & optimizations for FMS Flight ops project leader IDLE factor optimizer & Analytics by NavBlue Now Business Development & Marketing Manager for Airbus Upgrade Services Systems and airframe upgrades, incl. taxiing solutions

    Presentation: eTaxi – a sustainable solution for a greener future

  • Ralph Wagner

    CEO, Axinom

    Ralph Wagner is the chief executive officer of Axinom. He co-founded Axinom in the year 2001, bringing in industry expertise, technical know-how, leadership and management experience. As CEO, Ralph manages the corporate strategy with a focus on sales, industry partnerships and technology adoption. Since the inception of Axinom, he has consistently worked towards Axinom’s growth in products and market share in aerospace and media industry. Ralph began his career in 1996 as a distribution specialist in the music industry and founded an e-commerce store for movies, music, and games. After that, he overtook the responsibility of implementing user management, personalisation and payment/e-commerce for the Deutsche Telekom ISP T-Online. In the year 2001, after the inception of Axinom, he served as COO responsible for Axinom products and services. In 2014, Ralph overtook the CEO responsibility for Axinom Aerospace to spin off and expand Aerospace business by defining and representing the targets, policy, and strategy inside and outside of the company. In February 2017, Ralph was appointed as the Axinom CEO.

    Workshop: Panel Discussion – Aircraft Data Communications – The Alternatives and Future

  • Alexander Weiss

    CEO, Accemic Technologies GmbH

    Dr. Alexander Weiss studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich. He received his PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Dresden. After several years in the field of safety-critical biomedical engineering and development tools for embedded systems, he co-founded Accemic Technologies GmbH, which has developed a new dynamic analysis method for embedded systems.

    Presentation: Requirements-based Testing and Structural Coverage

  • Alex Wilson

    Director Of Business Development, A&D Market Segment Team, Wind River

    Strategic Marketing – Business Strategy for developing solutions for the Aerospace & Defence Market Segment – Driving innovation to implement industry solutions that solve customer problems – Industry spokesperson on Aerospace & Defence Sales background – Working with worldwide sales team to achieve goals – Evangalising new concepts in Aerospace & Defence – Analysing sales forecasts, including business modeling and long term forecasting Technical background – Complex embedded systems architecture – Virtualization, Real Time Operating Systems, VxWorks – Safety critical systems, particularly avionics, DO-178C, DO-297, ARINC 653 Specialties – Business analysis – Competitive analysis – Government liaison – Outbound marketing – Product marketing – Public speaking – Sales forecasting – Real-time operating systems – Strategic Marketing – Safety (DO-178, ARINC 653) – Security (CIA Triad, Common Criteria) – White papers

    Chair: Innovation in the Industry

  • Lew Wingate

    Vice President GSTE & Distribution, Barfield

    Lew Wingate is the Vice President of GSTE and Distribution for Barfield Inc., a leading manufacturer of Ground Support Test Equipment. Barfield has been a recognized worldwide market leader in GSTE for 70 years and a distributor of several OEM product lines including some cutting-edge NDT solutions for carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP). These NDT solutions are available to airlines, Original Aircraft Manufacturers (OAM), Inspection Service Companies & Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations. Lew Wingate served in the US Air Force as an Aircraft Maintenance and Communications system Technician for 8 years. After graduating from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Avionics Engineering Technology in 1994, he was hired by Barfield as a Technical support representative. In 1996 accepted a position at Lockheed as a System Engineer on the F-22. In 1997 he returned to Barfield as the Director of Test Equipment Sales and has since been promoted to his current position as Vice President GSTE and Distribution. Barfield is part of the Air France Industry KLM Engineering & Maintenance network, a major, multi-product MRO. The AFI KLM E&M component network is specially designed to satisfy the needs of customers operating commercial or regional fleets in North, Central and South America. From MRO Services to Distribution and Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE), Barfield, Aero Technologies and Precision Electronics provide complete tailor-made support programs for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, ATR and Embraer aircraft to operators in need of inventory and logistics solutions, repair management programs, engineering and fleet support, and component reliability management.

    Presentation: Ground Support Test Equipment

  • Mehmet Yildiz

    Avionics System Engineer, AeroLogic

  • NI Yude

    Professor, Civil Aviation University of China

    NI Yude got a Master’s degree in electronics from Beihang University in 1989 and a Master’s degree in navigation from École Nationale de l’Aviation Civil, Toulouse, France in 2000. He is now working as a professor in Civil Aviation University of China and his research interest is in conventional navigational aids and applications of GNSS in civil aviation.

    Presentation: Performance Test and Evaluation of Airborne BDS Receivers

  • Yoav Zangvil

    CTO, Regulus Cyber

    Regulus is the first company dealing with sensor security, enabling uninterrupted, continuous operation under malicious attacks or accidental interference to sensors such as GNSS, LiDAR and Radar. An expert in the field of robotics and autonomous systems where I love solving a wide range of practical and theoretical problems. Specialties: Telecommunications protocols, GNSS receivers, RF, antennas, software development, micro-controllers, motion controllers, flight controllers, encryption algorithms.

    Presentation: Cyber security and hacks against nav systems

  • Julia Zick

    Sales Manager, NAVBLUE

    A multi-lingual, aeronautical engineer with ten years of experience in sales, marketing and business development in the environment of the Aerospace Industry.

  • Mark ter Hove

    Director Global Air Transport Sales, Cobham SATCOM

    Differentiator & Aviation Professional with more than 22 years of front line aviation experience. Privileged and proud to lead the connected Airline & Aircraft revolution. Driven by a combination of self-determination and my passion for aviation, my experience has taken me through all levels of our aviation business, gaining an unrivalled exposure and insight to the workings of our industry. Unique experience gained by having been both a customer as well as a supplier. Worked across Commercial, Military and Business Aviation segments as well as with the world’s largest OEM’s (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, etc) and national governments. Always driven to pursue excellence and exceed targets and expectations set by both my peers and industry. Considered an aviation industry Connected Aircraft/Airline SME in addition to expert understanding of all other navigational and operational industry solutions.

    Chair: ATM and e-Enabling Benefits for Connected Aircraft, Building Blocks of End-to-End Aircraft Connectivity


  • Luuk van Dijk

    Founder & CEO, Daedalean.AI

    Dr. van Dijk is the founder of Daedalean, where he leads a team in the development of autonomous flight software for the electric personal VTOL aircraft of the near future. Daedalean innovates through combining cutting-edge robotics with avionics and safety-critical standards. He advised a number of international tech start-ups and previously held Senior Software Engineering positions at Google Zürich and SpaceX, where he worked on infrastructure, flight software, and machine learning projects, among others. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the State University of Groningen (NL).