Maximising IT for Minimising Costs

Wednesday 26th May

Joint Opening Keynote
9am - 10:30am in the Auditorium

Creating a value case - the business proposition - ROI
11:00  to  12:30 v Salle Louragais 1

Significant investment in IT/technology is required to ensure successful digitalisation of systems, often with ROI not immediately visible. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, airlines are needing to look at cost savings and efficiencies, however, also needing to invest in different areas. How do we create a value case for new mobile application of new systems and to help transform maintenance, increase productivity and efficiencies?

The ETL and Other Regulatory Considerations for MRO IT
14:00  to  15:30 v Salle Louragais 1

The Electronic TechLog (ETL) is an important tool in digital maintenance. But what regulatory considerations are there, and what are the implications for safety management, such as the Aircraft Network Safety Program (ANSP)? What are the problems with legacy systems moving to modern platforms and what are the best approvals processes? Key compliance and approval requirements are also explored.

Business modelling and Risk modelling
16:00  to  17:30 v Salle Louragais 1

Technology and data being used for predictive maintenance provides many challenges. Why is predictive maintenance important, but what are the risks involved and how can this affect the business model and supply chain? How can you develop predictive modelling and provide levels of protectiveness through business continuity?

Thursday 27th May

Enhancing MRO Efficiencies Through use of Emerging Technologies
09:00  to  10:30 v Salle Louragais 1

As technologies advance at rapid pace, how do airlines best take advantage and ensure technology gets into the production environment? How can we successfully and safely implement newer generations of mobile technology, software in legacy systems and paperless systems? What role can AI and augmented reality play in creating efficencies? What should the long term digital strategy look like?

Data, Analytics & Cyber Security
11:00  to  12:30 v Salle Louragais 1

Big data provides the potential to facilitate maintenance planning and predictive maintenance, and the opportunity to optimise decisions, but how do we best achieve this? What role can machine learning and digital twins play? What is our ability to maximise the use of data? What role can the Cloud play and how do we ensure data transfer/delivery is secure?

Conflict between Flight Ops and Maintenance - able bedfellows!
14:00  to  16:00 v Salle Louragais 1

How can MRO IT and Flight Ops IT best work together for maximum efficiency and minimise turnaround times? With the advent of paperless aviation, where doe TechLogs, EFBs and CabinLogs converge and how can the supply chain best support the airlines to ensure complex decisions are made easier?