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    (UN) MANNED builds instruments and platforms for the cockpits of aircraft. As its name suggests, (UN) MANNED focuses both on MANNED and UNMANNED business. We strongly believe that for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to fly over populated areas, they need to comply to the same airworthiness, flight and communication rules as ordinary aircraft.

    Engineering Services & Consulting, Ground Support Systems, Software, Software: Applications, Software: Development Tools, Software: Verification Tools

  • AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH

    AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH: Safety. Security, Agility. We deliver safe and secure solutions using trusted agile methods to meet your development needs for critical embedded systems.

    Data Loaders, Embedded Systems, Engine Controls, Engine Monitoring, Engineering Services & Consulting, Flight Control Systems, Software, Software: Verification Tools

  • ANSYS Inc

    If you’ve ever seen a rocket launch, flown on an airplane, driven a car, used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge or put on wearable technology, chances are you’ve used a product where ANSYS software played a critical role in its creation. ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation. Through our strategy of Pervasive Engineering Simulation, we help the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, we help them solve the most complex design challenges and create products limited only by imagination. Founded in 1970, ANSYS is headquartered south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Visit www.ansys.com for more information.

  • AdaCore

    Founded in 1994, AdaCore supplies software development and verification tools for mission-critical, safety-critical, and security-critical systems. Our flagship GNAT Pro development environment supports Ada, C and C++ and is ideal for applications that demand high reliability and maintainability. AdaCore has a long and successful history supplying products to the avionics community, including several tools and run-time libraries that have been used in systems certified at the highest levels of DO-178B/C (ED-12B/C).

    Software, Software: Applications, Software: Cyber Security, Software: Development Tools, Software: Verification Tools

  • AirBorn International

    For almost 60 years AirBorn has been at the forefront of innovation, design and manufacture of high reliability interconnection technology. Our advanced products and proprietary technologies are used extensively throughout every continent of the world. Reliability comes as standard. We have manufacturing facilities in the USA and the UK, international operations in Europe and Asia and a proven network of dedicated world-wide distributors. In short, AirBorn is the global source for connector products and technical design assistance wherever they are needed.

    Board Products, Components, I/O Boards

  • Aitech

    Established in 1983, Aitech offers commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded computing products for rugged defense, aerospace, industrial and astronautics (space) applications. The company provides industry-standard, open architecture VMEbus, VPX, CompactPCI and high speed serial fabric-based boards and products including: Integrated COTS Computers and Subsystems, Single Board Computers (SBCs), Carrier Boards, Video and Graphic Boards, GPGPU Boards and embedded products, I/O Boards, Memory Boards, Ethernet Switches, Power Supplies, Rugged Enclosures, Development Platforms. Having pioneered the development of true military VMEbus products for use in mainstream defense and aerospace applications, Aitech utilizes its broad base of off-the-shelf products and technologies to also develop customer-specific solutions when so required, to deliver superior cost-performance and reliability, and expedite time to market. Applications for Aitech’s products range from mission computers, fire control processors, mission control and autonomous robotic subsystems for ground vehicles and trains as well as surface and subsurface naval platforms, to tactical and strategic fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and low- to high-earth orbit and deep space vehicles as the International Space Station and the future replacement of the space shuttle. Aitech’s target customers are system integrators developing products for the defense, aerospace, industrial and commercial markets.

    Board Products, Computers, Airborne, Embedded Systems, Enclosures, Engineering Services & Consulting, Flight Control Systems, Graphics Boards, I/O Boards, Single Board Computers

  • Argus Cyber Security Ltd

    The more aircraft are connected, the more vulnerable they are to cyber attacks. Today’s modern, e-Enabled aircraft come with advanced ethernet and can-based network architectures which drive business, but subject airlines and passengers to cyber risks. Argus helps commercial aviation companies to prevent, understand and respond to cyber attacks on connected aircraft.

    Air-to-ground communications and Satcom, Cabin connectivity for the passengers (IFEC), Connected EFBs, Cybersecurity, Data Acquisition Systems, Embedded Systems, Deterministic Ethernet, Engineering Services & Consulting, Flight Entertainment Systems, Flight Management Systems, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Software: Cyber Security, Software: Operating Systems

  • Aviation Maintenance Magazine

    Aviation Maintenance Magazine is the leading magazine to cover MRO, Upgrade and Refurbishment on Commercial, Business, General Aviation and Military Aircraft Globally.

  • Avionica, LLC.

    Based in Miami, Avionica has spent 25 years improving aviation safety and efficiency with its miniQAR, Onboard Network Server (ONS), Remote Data Concentrator (RDC), 4G Wireless GSE Module, WiFi, Iridium SATCOM and avSYNC service that automatically downloads flight data to a land-based server. Avionica is driving the industry’s shift towards e-Enablement and connectivity for the cockpit. We take pride in our products, service and customer support and strive to delight our customers.

    Flight Data Recorders Sensors, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Avionics testing, Data Acquisition Systems, Avionics Installation Kits, Connected EFBs, Flight tracking, Data Loaders, Engine Monitoring, Flight Management Systems, Satellite Communications

  • Avionics Support Group

    Avionics Support Group, Inc. (ASG) is a premier Avionics Systems Integration & AS9100D/FAA-PMA approved Aerospace Manufacturing company. ASG’s competitive advantage can provide your company with a Single Source Solution for avionics engineering, manufacturing, aircraft installation technical support, Supplemental Type Certificate (STC’s), SATCOM, and much more. We lead the aerospace industry with our US patented Constant Friction Mount (cfMount™), Integrated Power Supplies, and iPad EFB Cradles. So Contact ASG Today to learn how ASG’s Single Source Solution can work for your company!

    Satellite Communications, Racks, Avionics, Engineering Services & Consulting, Avionics Installation Kits, Electronic Flight Bags, DC to DC Converters

  • Axinom

    Axinom is a digital solutions provider in the aerospace industry, delivering next-gen IFEC solutions to some of the biggest organizations in the market. Axinom offers a range of products and solutions for In-flight entertainment and connectivity, tailored to individual business needs. The customer-specific platforms are built on our core products, covering both on-ground and on-board components. The products span content management (Axinom CMS), content delivery and synchronization (Axinom CDS), In-flight services (IFS), media ingest and processing (Axinom VIP), content protection with multi-DRM (Axinom DRM), and custom client applications for passenger, seatback, or crew devices based on our Frontend SDK. Capabilities of our platform range from wireless-IFE, live-TV streaming, on-board shopping and in-flight connectivity portal, to crew services, health monitoring, fleet management and much more. Through numerous integration possibilities, with third-party or existing customer systems and connected services, Axinom’s digital platform can open new avenues for personalization and monetization. Axinom follows a hardware agnostic approach for both on-ground and on-board services. Our platform can deliver not only media and entertainment content but also enable customers to integrate in-flight shopping, destination-related products and services, advertisement and partner apps. We also take into consideration all the elements of on-board and on-ground modules necessary for a seamless end-to-end solution. Founded in 2001, Axinom is privately owned and operated. It employs 150 highly-skilled personnel in Germany, Estonia, the US and Sri Lanka. To discover more about us, get in touch today at www.axinom.com

    Cabin connectivity for the passengers (IFEC), Application disrupters, Aircraft IT, Flight Entertainment Systems, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Internet of things (IoT) for aviation, Software: Applications, Software: Internet of Things

  • Barfield Inc

    Founded in 1945, Barfield has six facilities located near airports in Miami (MIA), Phoenix (PHX), Louisville (SDF), Atlanta (ATL), Doral (MIA) and Medley (MIA), to satisfy the needs of customers operating commercial or regional aircraft in North, Central and South America. Barfield is part of the Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) network, a major MRO provider. With a workforce of 14,000, AFI KLM E&M offers technical support for airlines, ranging from airframe maintenance to engine overhaul and repair and supply of components. Barfield is a FAA and EASA Certified Repair Station offering maintenance services to major passengers, cargo and regional airlines in the Americas. Barfield’s support services are organized into the following three main activities: Adaptive services, Distribution and Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE). Barfield is also an authorized repair facility for major European and U.S. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). More specifically, through its Airline programs division, Barfield supplies complete customized support programs for Airbus, Boeing, Regional jet and Turboprop aircraft, as well as helicopter operators. These programs support operators in need of inventory, logistics solutions, repair management programs, engineering fleet support and component reliability management. Barfield is also a GSTE manufacturer of Air Data/Pitot Static testers, RVSM Air Data testers, APU testers, Cable Tensiometers testers, Fuel Quantity testers, Pressure testers, Nav/Comm Transponder test sets, Pitot/Static Adapters and Turbine Temperature testers.

    Air data testing, Air Data Computers, Avionic Test, Avionics testing, Computers, Airborne, Data Acquisition Systems, Electrical systems and power supply testing, Embedded Systems, Flight Data Recorders Sensors, Instrumentation testing, Racks, Avionics, Test systems

  • CMC Electronics

    CMC Electronics (www.cmcelectronics.ca) has achieved an international reputation for innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge cockpit systems integration, avionics and display solutions for the military and commercial aviation markets. Based in Montreal, Canada, the company has facilities in Canada and in the USA serving its customers worldwide.

    Flight Management Systems, Cybersecurity, Connected EFBs, Internet of things (IoT) for aviation, Air-to-ground communications and Satcom, Air Data Computers, Avionic Test, Cockpit Displays, Computers, Airborne, Electronic Flight Bags, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC)

  • Cobham

    Cobham is a market leading provider of radio and satellite communication equipment at the forefront of the connected cockpit revolution, delivering avionics, connectivity and satcom solutions for the aviation sector. Cobham will be showcasing its latest tech including AVIATOR S, which provides secure segregated Cockpit Safety, IP data and voice communications over the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) satcom network.

    Air-to-ground communications and Satcom, Computers, Airborne, Connected EFBs, Cybersecurity, Flight tracking, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Internet of things (IoT) for aviation, Satellite Communications, Avionic Test, Cabin connectivity for the passengers (IFEC), Electronic Flight Bags, Flight Data Recorders Sensors, Flight Management Systems, Racks, Avionics

  • ConsuNova

    There is a name for best in class certification and compliance engineering services: ConsuNova. Practical, cost- effective and optimized solutions for the aerospace and defense industries including training, strategic compliance consultancy and certification liaison for DO-178C, DO-254, ARP 4761, ARP 4754A and other avionics standards.

    Embedded Systems, Engineering Services & Consulting, Software, Avionics Certification Templates & Training, Avionics Certification Services

  • Core Avionics & Industrial Inc.

    Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (CoreAVI?), a Channel One company, is a global leader in providing products and services designed to enable complete solutions for safety critical applications. A supplier of real-time and safety-critical graphics and video drivers, compute drivers, program ready? embedded graphics processors, and DO-254 ED-80 certifiable COTS hardware IP, CoreAVI’s suite of products enables commercial GPUs, SoC components, and COTS hardware designs to meet the requirements of long-term high-reliability and safety-critical embedded systems with long-term support. CoreAVI’s products may be purchased with certification data kits for the most stringent levels of RTCA DO-254/DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-80/ED-12C.

    Cockpit Displays, Components, Embedded Systems, Graphics Boards, Software

  • DDC-I

    DDC-I provides DO-178 certifiable software and tools for safety critical avionics software developers including field proven real-time operating systems and integrated development environments.Deos from DDC-I is a time and space partitioned RTOS, which has been certified to DO-178 Level A since 1998.

    Software, Software: Applications

  • Daedalean

    Daedalean was founded in 2016 by a team of engineers who earned their marks at companies like Google and SpaceX. Its team includes 20+ software engineers, as well as avionics specialists and pilots. Daedalean works with major eVTOL companies and leading aerospace manufacturers to specify, build, test and certify a fully autonomous sensor and autopilot system that can reliably and completely replace the human pilot. It has developed systems demonstrating crucial capabilities on a path to certification for airworthiness. Currently the company is working with EASA on an Innovation Partnership Contract to develop concepts of design assurance for neural networks.


    EUROCONTROL is the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation. Founded in 1960, it is an international organisation working for seamless, pan-European air traffic management. EUROCONTROL coordinates and plans air traffic control for all of Europe. This involves working with national authorities, air navigation service providers, civil and military airspace users, airports, and other organisations. Its activities involve all gate-to-gate air navigation service operations: strategic and tactical flow management, controller training, regional control of airspace, safety-proofed technologies and procedures, and collection of air navigation charges.

  • FlightAware

    FlightAware is the world’s largest flight tracking data company and provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service companies as well as over 12,000,000 passengers with global flight tracking solutions. FlightAware leverages data from air traffic control systems in over 55 countries, from FlightAware’s network of ADS-B ground stations in over 175 countries, from Aireon space-based global ADS-B, and using global datalink (satellite/VHF) via every major provider, including ARINC, SITA, Satcom Direct, Garmin, Honeywell GDC, and UVdatalink. FlightAware’s HyperFeed® engine seamlessly integrates thousands of real-time, worldwide data sources combined with FlightAware’s powerful, intuitive, responsive, and reliable web-based interfaces and data feeds yield the most capable and useful flight tracking application and service. Founded in 2005, FlightAware was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic and quickly rose to become the most popular flight tracking service. FlightAware is privately held and has offices in Houston, New York, and Singapore.

    Air-to-ground communications and Satcom, Avionic Test, Artificial intelligence (AI), Flight and operational analytics, Flight Management Systems, Flight tracking, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC)

  • GE Aviation

    GE Aviation is a world-leading provider of commercial, military and business and general aviation jet and turboprop engines and components as well as avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems for aircraft. GE has a global service network to support these offerings. GE and its customers are also working together to unlock new opportunities to grow and deliver more productivity beyond traditional services. GE Aviation is becoming a digital industrial business with its ability to harness large streams of data that are providing incredible insights and in turn, real operational value for customers.

    Data Loaders, Engine Monitoring, Flight Management Systems, Satellite Communications, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Engine testing, Engine Controls, Flight and operational analytics, Maintenance engineering test and inspection

  • Great River Technology

    Great River Technology is the global leader in development tools and flyable products for ARINC 818, the Avionics Digital Video Bus. Engineers in commercial and military aviation worldwide tap GRT’s expertise and products to simplify design, implementation, and testing of mission-critical high-speed video and data transmission. The company was at the table when ARINC 818 was created, and its innovations drove the protocol’s 2013 upgrade. GRT offers training and certification in ARINC 818.

    Acquisition Systems, Avionic Test, Board Products, Customized Board and System, Data Acquisition Systems, Databus Technologies, Embedded Systems, I/O Boards, Mezzanine Cards, Test/Measurement Equipment

  • Inmarsat Aviation

    Inmarsat Aviation is the leading provider of global satellite communications to airlines, private jet operators, aircraft leasing companies and passengers across the globe. It offers a range of powerful aviation connectivity solutions, from vital operations and safety communications for pilots and crew, through to high-speed, reliable broadband for passengers in the cabin. With more than 25 years’ experience in aviation connectivity, Inmarsat Aviation’s solutions are renowned for their innovation and performance. The award-winning GX Aviation, European Aviation Network (EAN), Jet ConneX and SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) offerings have become industry benchmarks in their fields.

    Air-to-ground communications and Satcom, Cabin connectivity for the passengers (IFEC), Connected EFBs, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Satellite Communications

  • Kappa Optronics GmbH

    Kappa optronics: Aviation & Defense Cameras and Systems In the field of aviation, Kappa makes full use of many years of experience as one of only a few EN/AS 9100 certified camera suppliers. For all indoor and outdoor air applications, we offer rugged design cameras, certified to aviation norms and flexibly adaptable. With unprecedented technology, KAPPA is a market leader in airborne cameras for head up display systems (HUD), for crash recorder systems according to ED155/ED112 regulation and for cockpit surveillance systems.

    Software, Test/Measurement Equipment, Fatigue testing, Measurement solutions, Research, development and innovation, Optical measurements, metrology and 3d scanning

  • LDRA

    For more than 40 years, LDRA has developed and driven the market for software that automates code analysis and software testing for safety-, mission-, security-, and business-critical markets. Working with clients to achieve early error identification and full compliance with industry standards, LDRA traces requirements through static and dynamic analysis to unit testing and verification for a wide variety of hardware and software platforms. Boasting a worldwide presence, LDRA is headquartered in the United Kingdom with subsidiaries in the United States, Germany and India coupled with an extensive distributor network. For more information on the LDRA tool suite, please visit www.ldra.com.

    DO-254 Compliance, Software: Development Tools, Software: Verification Tools, Tools, Verification Services Software/Hardware

  • Lynx Software Technologies

    Through precision engineering, Lynx Software Technologies develops advanced kernel technology that empowers innovative companies to create the safest, most secure systems in the world. The LynxOS-178 RTOS is the first and only hard real-time DO-178 level A operating system to offer the interoperability benefits of native POSIX and FACE APIs with support for the ARINC 653 APplication EXecutive (APEX), and the newly announced v2.2.4 release maintains this capability. The LynxOS-178 RTOS is also the first and only time- and space-partitioned, FAA-accepted Reusable Software Component (RSC). When the aviation-grade safety of LynxOS-178 is combined with the military-grade security of the LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor, the increased safety and security requirements of next generation avionics systems can be achieved.

    Embedded Systems, Military Communications, Software: Development Tools, Software: Operating Systems

  • MBS Electronic Systems GmbH

    mbs is a premier product realisation company providing full life-cycle services for embedded product design and development. Guided by a total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, mbs is a source for high integrity hardware (DO-254) and software engineering services and a range of COTS electronic hardware products.

    Avionic Test, Components, Data Acquisition Systems, Embedded Systems, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Graphics Boards

  • Mercury Mission Systems International S.A.

    Mercury Mission Systems International S.A. (also referred as “MMS Intl”, previously CES Creative Electronic Systems) is a swiss legal entity part of Mercury Systems Inc. based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA. MMS Intl is Mercury’s Center-of-Excellence for safety-critical product development. MMS Intl designs and manufactures in Switzerland rugged embedded computers engineered to meet the most demanding performance needs for optimal Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) considerations. Our Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products are made to withstand the extremes of temperature, shock and vibration associated with deployment in Aerospace & Defense as well as Rugged Industrial markets. The ability to deliver products supporting mission-critical or safety-critical functions has created a high demand for our services. With 30+ years of existence we leverage our technology expertise and know-how to solve the challenges of today in the following market segments: C4ISR, Radar / EW, Rugged Industrial, Commercial Aircraft, Unmanned Vehicles. From Single Board Computers, Signal Processors, Avionic Interfaces and Graphics Boards up to Safety Certified Mission Computers, we look forward to working with you on your next project.

    Computers, Airborne, Graphics Boards, I/O Boards, Mezzanine Cards

  • Orolia

    Orolia is the world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of critical, remote or high-risk operations. With locations in more than 100 countries, Orolia provides virtually failsafe GPS/GNSS and PNT solutions to support military and commercial applications worldwide. Time and Location You Can Trust™. www.orolia.com

  • Presagis

    Presagis is a leader in development tools for interactive cockpit graphics. We provide modeling, simulation, and embedded software solutions to the aerospace, defense and critical infrastructure markets. Modern cockpit designers are increasingly adopting the ARINC 661 architecture, and are starting to deploy touch and gesture as the preferred means of human interaction. Presagis’ technology, developed in conjunction with major aircraft OEMs, provides leading-edge capabilities to help you develop such products.

    Embedded Systems, Flight Simulators, Software, Software: Applications, Software: Development Tools, Software: Verification Tools

  • RTI

    RTI is the Industrial Internet of Things connectivity company. RTI technology and expertise are proven in over 1,000 Aerospace and Defense (A&D) applications to safely and securely integrate mission-critical systems. RTI Connext DDS supports open architecture systems by providing fast, scalable, reliable, and secure connectivity within and between land, sea, air and space-based systems, and accelerates safety certification with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C DAL A certification evidence. We embrace A&D industry standards, like DDS and FACE, and have the first FACE Transport Service Segment (TSS) certified conformant solution. Connext DDS also meets also the stringent requirements of Modeling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) applications by providing interoperability between distributed simulation components, regardless of where they are located.

    Embedded Systems, Software, Software: Cyber Security, Software: Internet of Things, Software: Middleware

  • Rapita Systems Ltd

    Rapita Systems Ltd develops on-target embedded verification software solutions for customers in the avionics and automotive electronics industries. Our tools help to reduce the cost of measuring, optimizing and verifying the timing performance and test effectiveness of their critical real-time embedded systems.

    Embedded Systems, Engineering Services & Consulting, Software, Software: Development Tools, Software: Verification Tools

  • Rotor & Wing International

    Rotor & Wing International offers balanced coverage of both civil and military articles, focusing on helicopter-operating companies, new aircraft, new technology, military programs, market sectors, and other issues that impact the helicopter industry. You’ll get the latest news and information on aerodynamics, maintenance, regulatory matters and communications from correspondents in Washington, DC and Europe.

  • SAFRAN Electronics & Defense

    Every day, Safran Electronics & Defense helps airlines, operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers by collecting, processing and analysing an increasing amount of flight data. Cassiopée is a twofold offer that combines flight data management software packages and analysis solutions for all types of airplanes and helicopters. Our services enable fuel consumption reduction, maintenance costs optimization and flight safety enhancement. Our aim? Improve our clients’ operational efficiency by providing an array of services that allow a better understanding of performance of their aircraft and systems.

    Data Acquisition Systems, Flight and operational analytics, Flight Data Recorders Sensors, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Software: Development Tools, Flight Management Systems


    SYSGO provides certified RTOS/hypervisor and related services for the real-time and embedded market. SYSGO supports international customers with services for embedded Linux, hard real-time and certification for security- and safety-critical applications. Markets include Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Railway, Medical and Network Infrastructure.

    Embedded Systems, Engineering Services & Consulting, Software: Applications, Software: Development Tools, Software: Operating Systems

  • Scandinavia Avionics A/S (SA)

    Scandinavian Avionics A/S (SA) was established in 1978 and is today a highly experienced avionics company. SA is EASA/FAA Part-145, as well as EASA Part-21J, Part-21G and Part-147 approved. Located around Europe, Middle East and Asia the SA Group provides complete turn-key Avionics and Electronics solutions for aircraft, helicopters and UAVs for a customer group spread all over the world.

    Avionics Installation Kits, Electronic Flight Bags, Engineering Services & Consulting, Flight Management Systems, Satellite Communications, TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System)


    TechwaY has developed unique skills in using FPGA technology to realize signal and image processing applications. Our solutions address projects with high density, high bandwidth data streams and with dense computing requirements. We offer standardized and versatile FPGA platforms together with software tools and customization services. Our solutions are: – Cost effective – Save engineering time – Reduce risk – Increase time to market – Open for customizatio

    Acquisition Systems, Avionic Test, Board Products, Cockpit Displays, Data Acquisition Systems, Flight Simulators, Mezzanine Cards, Racks, Avionics, Test/Measurement Equipment

  • Teledyne Controls

    At Teledyne Controls, we built our name on intelligent solutions that collect, manage and deliver aircraft data more efficiently. Our innovative technology and collaborative customer relationships have revolutionized the way aircraft operators access, manage and utilize their data, helping them achieve higher goals in safety, performance and efficiency. Our adaptable suite of products include Data Acquisition & Management Systems, Wireless Data Transfer Systems, Flight Data Analysis & Investigation Solutions, Data Loading Solutions and Aircraft Network Systems. Combined together, these products provide comprehensive data management solutions that leverage aircraft data intelligence and create value for our customers.

    Air Data Computers, Connected EFBs, Cockpit Displays, Data Acquisition Systems, Electronic Flight Bags, Flight and operational analytics, Flight Data Recorders Sensors, Flight Management Systems, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC)

  • Teledyne e2v

    Teledyne e2v, an aerospace qualified manufacturer of advanced semiconductors, will showcase its Qormino® line of product. The team will be running live demonstrations of its capabilities in an Aerospace & Defense ecosystem of software and hardware partners. Qormino is a smart, small and powerful packaged common computer platform. With Qormino, Teledyne e2v has combined NXP QorIQ® processors based on PowerPC or ARM®, with DDR4 memory on custom 26mm x 44m substrates, designed to respond to multiple SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) constraints. Teledyne e2v representatives will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on Hi Reliability Microprocessor offers.

    Components, Customized Board and System, DO-254 Compliance, Embedded Systems, Flight Control Systems, Flight Management Systems, Military Communications, Satellite Communications, Single Board Computers

  • Thales

    Decisive moments in Aerospace In Aerospace, governments, airports, airlines, pilots, crews and passengers rely on Thales to make flight safer, easier and more efficient. We do this by designing, delivering and supporting the systems that keep our skies running. From air traffic management, training and simulation solutions, nose-to-tail aircraft connectivity and in-flight services, we enable and connect all parts of the aerospace ecosystem in the air, on the ground, and in between. Whatever it takes.

    Avionic Test, Cabin connectivity for the passengers (IFEC), Cockpit Displays, Cybersecurity, Electronic Flight Bags, Flight Entertainment Systems, Flight Management Systems, Flightdeck connectivity (IFC), Flight tracking, Connected EFBs

  • Ultramain Systems

    For nearly 40 years, Ultramain Systems has provided superior M&E/MRO software products and professional software implementation services to leading aviation companies worldwide. Our flagship product, ULTRAMAIN®, is a comprehensive airline maintenance and logistics solution that delivers comprehensive functionality to create a SIMPLE MOBILE PAPERLESS operation. In addition, Ultramain Systems offers a series of mobile products that work in conjunction with ULTRAMAIN M&E/MRO Suite as well as other maintenance systems. ULTRAMAIN Mobile Mechanic™, ULTRAMAIN ELB™, Mobile Inventory™, Mobile Executive™ and GATe work to provide accurate real-time data entry by pilots, flight crews, and mechanics, thereby eliminating thousands of paper records which would normally be created on a daily basis. Because ULTRAMAIN is mobile and paperless, we can help you see your aircraft data FAST, ACCURATELY and in REAL-TIME. Ultramain Systems headquarters is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico with offices in Europe, Asia and India. For more information about Ultramain Systems and our products, please visit www.ultramain.com, send an inquiry to sales@ultramain.com, or call us at 1.505.828.9000.


    Vector is the leading manufacturer of software tools and embedded components for the development and test of electronic systems.For the Aerospace Vector test tools provide solution from simulations to a complete and automatic testing infrastructure. our platform provides an efficient and automated way to improve software quality and meet certification requirements.

  • Vector Informatik Gmbh

    Vector Informatik Gmbh ; Developers and test engineers will benefit from Vector solutions for aerospace electronic networking. The focus here is on tools for E/E architecture, monitoring and analyzing the bus communications and on test tools in the form of a ‘HIL for the developer’s office desk’.

    Databus Technologies, Deterministic Ethernet, Embedded Systems, Engineering Services & Consulting, Flight Data Recorders Sensors, Software: Development Tools, Software: Verification Tools, Test/Measurement Equipment

  • Wind River

    Wind River is a world leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things. The company has been pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981, and its technology is found in more than 2 billion products. Wind River offers the industry’s most comprehensive embedded software portfolio, supported by world-class global professional services, support, and a broad partner ecosystem. Wind River delivers the technology and expertise that enables the innovation and deployment of safe, secure, and reliable intelligent systems. To learn more, visit Wind River at www.windriver.com.

    Embedded Systems, Engineering Services & Consulting, Software, Software: Cyber Security, Software: Development Tools, Software: Internet of Things, Software: Middleware, Software: Verification Tools