Optimizing DO-178C/DO-254 Avionics Software & Hardware Development Guidelines

Wednesday 3rd November 2021


In this fast-paced AEE course, experienced avionics engineers learn how to optimize DO-178C & DO-254 to real avionics. Not just theory, but practical examples to develop better compliance with DO-178C (ED-12C) and DO-254 (ED-80).

Software/Hardware development has rapidly evolved and interpretations of DO-178C/DO-254 have likewise changed. Attendees learn the latest rules including advanced software/hardware certification, EASA and CAST issue papers, trends in future avionics development, and much more as summarized below.


  • Quick refresher on basic DO-178C & DO-254 and “how” they are applied to advanced avionics
  • Advanced Safety, Derived Requirements, and Detailed Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Understanding advanced DO-178C/254 mistakes and best practices to avoid them including model based development, OOT, and C++
  • Multi-Core Processing usage and compliance
  • Model-Based Development rules and best practices
  • Applying new forthcoming A(M)C 20-152A
  • Understanding new mandatory ARP4754A and forthcoming ARP4761A for Systems & Safety.
  • Controlling engineering cost/risks with better DO-178C & DO-254 Requirements, Design, and Logic
  • Understanding & applying the DO-178C & DO-254 Supplements for:
    • DO-330/ED-215 Software Tool Qualification
    • DO-331/ED-216 Model-Based Development and Verification
    • DO-332/ED-217 Object-Oriented Technology
    • DO-333/ED-218 Formal Methods Supplement


Attendees may include engineers, managers, quality assurance or certification personnel with previous knowledge, training, or experience in DO-178 or DO-254; if no experience, we will send basic training materials in advance to peruse.