Aerospace Tech Week is an event that has been expanding the technology sectors that it covers since its AVIONICS origins in 2001. It now also synergistically covers CONNECTIVITY, MRO IT, FLIGHT OPS IT, TESTING, MRO, SPACE & SUSTAINABILITY. Watch the Keynote address opposite from the recent event to see how this all fits together.

Aerospace Tech Week consists of multiple events all under one roof with dedicated respected conferences tracks for its core technologies as well as a large central exhibition.

The main Aerospace Tech Week event (now rebranded as the EUROPE version) runs annually in Europe and for many years in Munich, Germany where it now returns in March 2023. The 2020 event was planned to take place in Toulouse, France, although postponed until November 2021 due to the pandemic. The 2021 event was one of the first Aerospace events to be able to reopen and whilst still impacted by travel restrictions was a very welcome restart to normality for the industry.

Aerospace Tech Week now also takes place in the USA and the first AMERICAS EVENT runs in November 2022 in Atlanta. This event will offer an in-depth opportunity for North & South Americas Technology professionals to meet and discuss business.

The organisers of Aerospace Tech Week also publish a leading magazine version of the events called Aerospace Tech REVIEW. It also published the leading MRO publication – Aviation Maintenance Magazine.

Watch (& listen) to the ATW 2021 KEYNOTE address above and see ATW 2021 highlights below




    Aerospace Tech Review – Indepth Features

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