Optimising Connectivity for Maximising Profitability

Wednesday 3rd November

Joint Opening Keynote
9am - 10:30am in the Auditorium

Connected Aircraft
The Connected Aircraft Evolution: Increasing the Benefits of Connectivity
11:00  to  12:30

Technology has been developing at a rapid rate, but what do we now mean by the ‘Connected Aircraft’, especially in a post-Covid-19 age? A truly Connected Aircraft becomes a great business enabler and offers airlines and the broader industry great benefits and opportunities. With many airlines focusing on cost savings and efficiences, how can investment in the connected aircraft contribute towards these? What are these benefits and opportunities and how can we deliver enhanced services and solutions for a more integrated aerospace world?

Kiran Perikala. Honeywell. Technical Lead.
Samy Mahdi. Partnership Manager. Lufthansa Systems.
Dr Sandeep “Sandy” Muju. Aerospace Industry Practice Head. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).
Connected Aircraft
Connectivity, Communications and E-Enablement
14:00  to  15:30

For the Connected Aircraft, communications systems are key, but each offer different benefits and solutions. The drive for cost savings and efficienices means airlines are streamlining or optimising systems. What you can do with satcom, LEO, L and Ku Bands? What type of system is best for different communications such as traffic, ACARS messages, safety services and non-safety services? 

Michael Ohm. Chief Technology Officer. SkyFive.
Connected Aircraft
Application and Benefits of Connectivity and E-Enablement
16:00  to  17:30

Savings come from applications that bring value and efficiences. The syngergy and compatibility of applications are of prime importance to enhance efficiencies. What are the applications of connectivity and how do these most benefit airlines/operators and the supporting supply chain? How do we get the most value from connectivity? Here we explore case studies of connectivity applications.

Alexandre Hofman. Systems Marketing Manager. Airbus SAS.
Lise Gladines. Digital Services Marketing Manager. Airbus.
Euan Mitchell. Senior Product Manager and Daniel Froehly, Business Development. SITA FOR AIRCRAFT.

Thursday 4th November

Connected Aircraft
The Increasing Value of the Connectivity Through ATM
09:00  to  10:30

What services can be expected from ATM and what is the value chain of connectivity from the ground to the air? Where can the connected aircraft contribute to the wider chain and how can it impact on other operations within the 4 As?

Henk Hof. Head of ICAO and Concept Unit. EUROCONTROL.
Connected Aircraft
Aircraft Data Management Solutions and Cyber security
11:00  to  12:30

As data becomes more prolific and more 'valuable' to an organisation, how do we control this flow of information and who 'owns' the data? As processing data offline becomes more economical, what are data limitations, how do we value data and share just required data and ensure its security?

Belkacem Bensadallah. Aircraft Security Research & Technology Leader. Airbus Operations SAS.
Mark Roboff. Co-Founder & CEO.
Connected Aircraft
Future of Connectivity, E-Enablement and Satcom (Funky Future Stuff!)
14:00  to  16:00

What could be done in the future with connectivity and how can new tech assist airlines in reducing costs and enhancing efficiencies? With giant leaps in technological development, what is possible, how can AI and machine learning benefit safety and security? What are other industries doing with connectivity that could be applicable to the aerospace industry?

Willie Cecil. Sales Director. FLYHT.