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Tuesday 12th March

Joint Opening Keynote
Chair: Woodrow Bellamy
Senior Representative, Qatar Airways*
Senior Representative, DG MOVE, European Commission*
Senior Representative, Aerologic*

Building Blocks of End-to-End Aircraft Connectivity
Connectivity, e-Enablement are great buzzwords in the airline industry, but what exactly does this mean for airlines? What do airlines really want from connectivity and what is achievable with a connected aircraft, from both flight deck and cabin operations under a digital transformation program? How do we understand and set the building blocks and what can vendors do to enhance the deployment of applications? Ultimately, what is the business case for the Connected Aircraft?
Chair: Steve Bogie, Air Canada
Business case for Connectivity
– Turning Cost into Profit – TBC
Digitally Enabled Aircraft – Lise Gladines, Digital Services Marketing Manager, Airbus SAS
Connectivity benefits from a Flight Ops Perspective – Senior Representative, Esterline
Connectivity for Predictive Maintenance Efficiencies – Senior Representative, GE Aviation Digital
Connectivity in Cargo Operations – Senior Representative, Airbridge Cargo*

ATM and e-Enabling Benefits for Connected Aircraft
What are the capabilities of connectivity and what does FMS need to do in the future? What does Flight and flow of Information for Collaborative Environment (FFICE) mean for 4D trajectory and replacement of current flight planning? How will future systems cope with the flow of data between ground and air?
Chair: Mark Ter Hove, Cobham SATCOM
– Henk Hof, Head of the European ATM Master Plan Maintenance Unit, EUROCONTROL
What e-Enabling does to improve services and situational awareness – Philipp Barzen, Head of Product Strategy / Chief Product Owner Flight & Navigation Products & Solutions, Lufthansa Systems
Importance of SATCOM for C4I Applications – Serdar Uzumcu, System Engineering Group Lead, Havelsan
Spinning data or streaming data (on the ground or in the air) – Murray Skelton, Teledyne Controls

Panel Discussion – Aircraft Data Communications – The Alternatives and Future
Increasing connectivity can enhance safety of aircraft, but what are the safety service barriers of ACARS over IP? What is the future of safety services over IP and what is the potential for aircraft data communications? Our expert panelists discuss the options and opportunities for aircraft data communications.
Moderator: Philippe Lievin
Senior Representative, Scandinavian Airlines*
Gary Anderson, IMS Rockwell Collins
Senior Representative, SITA*
Senior Representative, Teledyne Controls
Darren L’Hereaux, Honeywell
FAA Parc Committee*
IRIS / ARTES – European Space Agency*

Wednesday 13th March

Connecting the 4 A’s
Connectivity brings efficiencies. We need to look beyond just the connected aircraft and review how connecting the 4 A’s (Airport, Airline, ATM and Aircraft) can really bring efficiencies to the whole system. From ground efficiencies and virtual control towers to 4D navigation, we look at practical examples of how airlines can connect to the bigger picture for more efficient operations.
Chair: Anthony Spouncer, Inmarsat
Airline – Daniel Cherbowski, Flight Operations – EFB, Virgin Atlantic Airways
– Senior Representative, Gatwick Airport
Aircraft – Senior Representative, Airbus LCS
ATM – Senior Representative, NATS*
EFBs (software/apps) – Julia Zick, NAVBLUE

Panel Discussion – Demistifying Flight Tracking
How do we improve flight tracking and the tracking of aircraft in distress, following incidents such as MH370 and AF447? Our expert panelists discuss how connectivity can enhance tracking, the latest on GADSS, and also what the options and challenges are for the airline operator and their aircraft.
Moderator: Henk Hof, EUROCONTROL
Senior Representative, Shenzen Airlines*
Senior Representative, Inmarsat
Senior Representative, Boeing*
Paul Rainford, SITAONAIR
Sean Riley, Avionica
Safran Electronics & Defence*

Securing The Connected
From machine data-to-data confidentiality to IFEC, Wi-Fi and passenger data comms to flight data information, the connected aircraft also brings security vulnerabilities from cyber hackers to natural atmospheric threats. What are necessary security levels and what is involved to implement the right levels of security for the airlines?
Chair: Murray Skelton, Teledyne Controls
Connectivity security from an airline perspective
– Steve Bogie, Air Canada
Addressing Cybersecurity on the Connected Aircraft – Paul Hart, Curtiss Wright
Senior Representative, Air France*
Cyber Security in Aviation, EASA*

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