Optimizing DO-178C/DO-254 Avionics Software & Hardware Development Guidelines

In this fast-paced AEE course, experienced avionics engineers learn how to optimize DO-178C & DO-254 to real avionics. Not just theory, but practical examples to develop better compliance with DO-178C (ED-12C) and DO-254 (ED-80).

Software/Hardware development has rapidly evolved and interpretations of DO-178C/DO-254 have likewise changed. Attendees learn the latest rules including advanced software/hardware certification, EASA and CAST issue papers, trends in future avionics development, and much more as summarized below.


• Quick refresher on basic DO-178C & DO-254 and “how” they are applied to advanced avionics
• Advanced Safety, Derived Requirements, and Detailed Hardware/Software Requirements
• Understanding advanced DO-178C/254 mistakes and best practices to avoid them including model based development, OOT, and C++
• Multi-Core Processing usage and compliance
• Model-Based Development rules and best practices
• Applying new forthcoming A(M)C 20-152A
• Understanding new mandatory ARP4754A and forthcoming ARP4761A for Systems & Safety.
• Controlling engineering cost/risks with better DO-178C & DO-254 Requirements, Design, and Logic
• Understanding & applying the DO-178C & DO-254 Supplements for:
– DO-330/ED-215 Software Tool Qualification
– DO-331/ED-216 Model-Based Development and Verification
– DO-332/ED-217 Object-Oriented Technology
– DO-333/ED-218 Formal Methods Supplement


Attendees may include engineers, managers, quality assurance or certification personnel with previous knowledge, training, or experience in DO-178 or DO-254; if no experience, we will send basic training materials in advance to peruse.


Vance Hilderman

Mr. Vance Hilderman is Afuzion’s director of Avionics Certification. Holding a BSEE and MBA from Gonzaga University, and a Masters in Computer Engineering from USC (Hughes Fellow). Mr. Hilderman was previously the co-founder of TekSci (the world’s largest avionics software services company in the ’90’s), HighRely, and now Afuzion – performing technical avionics software/certification development at companies throughout the world.

Mr. Hilderman has focused on safety-critical avionics software, systems, hardware development and related technical products for 25 years. Considered an expert on safety critical software/computer systems and certification, Mr. Hilderman has consulted with ninety five of the world’s one hundred largest aerospace companies plus numerous medical, industrial and telecommunications entities Mr. Hilderman has trained over 11,000 avionics engineers and managers in 40 countries on DO-178B, ARP-4754, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-200A, DO-297, and safety/software development.