Avionics Conference Programme

Tuesday 12th March

Joint Opening Keynote
Chair: Woodrow Bellamy
Warren Lampitt, Director – Flight Technical & Capt Jason Brown, EFB and Flight Deck Connectivity Lead, Air Canada
Mehmet Emin Yildiz, System-Engineer, Avionics & Electrical Systems, AeroLogic

Mandates and Regulatory Updates
The ADS-B and PBN mandates arrives in 2020. With just a few months to go, is the industry ready and aware of the latest details? What are the latest updates in other mandates and regulation, such as GADSS, and how will these impact the industry and supply chain? Key institutions governing the strategy of regulation and compliance will give an overview of the changing landscape, including standardisation, certification and operational improvements.
Chair: Luc Deneufchatel, Technical Secretary Expert, EUROCAE
– Thomas Koerber, ADS- B Workpackage Leader Airborne, SESAR Deployment Manager
Data link – Thomas Koerber, ADS- B Workpackage Leader Airborne, SESAR Deployment Manager
Aircraft Tracking (GADSS) – Henk Hof, Head of ICAO and Concept Unit, EUROCONTROL
PBN – Rick Farnworth, Deputy Head of CNSS Evolutions Unit, EUROCONTROL

Panel Discussion: GNSS Strategies – dealing with multiple constellations
With more satellite constellations available delivering GNSS capabilities for aircraft, what are the overviews and benefits of each. How will multi-frequency and interoperability between constellations work for aircraft and airlines? The panel debates the pros, cons and challenges of the current options.
Chair: John McHale, Editor in Chief, Avionics Design & Military Embedded Systems
Chinese constellation
EGNOS & Galileo – Katerina Strelcova, GSA
Multi-Frequency – Laurent Azoulai, Senior Expert Navigation Systems, Engineering Navigation Systems – EYAN, AIRBUS Operations S.A.S.
Senior Representative, Honeywell

Safety & Certification
Aircraft safety and security continues to be at the forefront of industry developments. How is new technology, including multi-core and sensors, able to enhance safety and what are the certification requirements for compliance?
Chair: Marc Gatti, Thales
Vulkan: The Future of Airborne Graphics Capabilities
– Damian Fozard, CEO, Core Avionics
Advances in Civil Certification of Multicore Processing Systems in Commercial Avionics – Paul Parkinson, Wind River
Systems & Safety Risks / DO-178C Compliance – Mark Richardson, LDRA
AIRBUS & NAVBLUE using aircraft as sensors to measure and report runway braking action – Logan Jones, NAVBLUE

Wednesday 13th March

Trends in Communication, Navigation & Surveillance
In this session we review and discuss the latest trends in Navigation, Positioning, Communication & Surveillance in relation to RPAS, UTM, ATM and ADS-B.
Chair: Darren L’Hereaux, Honeywell
Multi-function Micro Avionics
– Dr Michael Contarino, VP/Snr Engineer, R Cubed Engineering
Dual Use CNS for Military – Ricardo Oliveira, EUROCONTROL
Future of Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles – Marc Gatti, Thales Avionics

Big Data & Cyber Security
Security is becoming one of the biggest challenges facing the connected aircraft, as the need for continuous online access for passengers and aircraft data makes systems vulnerable. We review how the threats could impact aircraft big data whether for communication or analytics, airline maintenance planning and explore what can be done to enhance security.
Chair: David Irwin, AVIAGE SYSTEMS
Cloud Based Service to centralize vertical profile optimization applied to a whole fleet using avionics and weather data
– Matteo Crippa, Avionic Systems Engineer, TXT e-solutions
Connected aircraft – the impact on maintenance and uptime – Carl Fransman, Managing Director EMEA, Baxter Planning

Aeronautical System Security WG72 Update – Anna Guegan, Technical Programme Manager, EUROCAE WG72

Cyber security and hacks against nav systems – Yoav Sangvil, CTO, Regulus Cyber

Innovation in the Industry
With a wave of new innovation in ‘air transport’ around the corner, what does this mean for the industry? Where will future avionics technologies, such as wireless avionics intra-communication (WAIC), provide real benefits for saving fuel, reducing the cost of flying or flight safety?
Chair: Alex Wilson, Wind River
eTaxi – a sustainable solution for a greener future
– Valentin Vincent, Business development & marketing manager, Airbus SAS
Applying Data-Centric Connectivity to Avionics Systems – Paul Tingey, Senior Field Application Engineer, Real Time Solutions
ANGELS – Innovative Safe Landing Using ADS-B – Luca Branca, Beamflight
Architecture Driven Planning Approach for CNS Integration – Marc Brochard, ATM System Architect, EUROCONTROL
Communication in PJ14 EECNS – Felice Maccaro, Project Manager, Leonardo

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