Applying the New Mandatory Aviation Systems/Safety Regulations: ARP4754A (with ARP4761/A)

The now nearly-mandatory SAE-ARP4754A provides guidance for the development of aircraft and aircraft systems while taking into account the overall aircraft operating environment and functions. ARP4754 was long “suggested” for commercial avionics; the new ARP4754A is now required and increasingly mandatory for all avionics/avionics including worldwide militaries and UAV’s.. ARP-754A is commonly called “DO-178 for Aviation Systems”, but it’s really much different: ARP4754A requires detailed Safety processes (ARP4761/A) with FHA, PSSA, and SSA’s to determine then prove design, architecture, and safety features.

ARP4754A also requires detailed data, systems-level planning, traceability, V&V and tight configuration management. While bearing some semblance to DO-178C/Do-254, ARP4754A really covers the Avionics Development Ecosystem and is a mandatory foundation – it must come BEFORE hardware and software but be continually addressed during development. This course is for those avionics engineers wanting to understand and apply better ARP4754A compliance.


• How ARP4754A fits into the Avionics Development Ecosystem including ARP4761A, DO-178C, and DO-254
• Avionics Safety Assessments: FHA, PSSA, and SSA
• Differences between ARP4754 and ARP4754A
• ARP4754A Planning – what is really required
• Aviation Safety: what is required for ARP4754A
• Handling Derived and Safety Requirements per ARP4754A
• System Requirements – What, Where, Why, and How
• Planning, Development, and Traceability Processes for Systems
• ARP4754A Documentation
• ARP4754A Verification & Validation
• ARP4754A Best Practices & Common Mistakes


Attendees may include engineers, managers, quality assurance or certification personnel with previous knowledge, training, or experience in DO-178 or DO-254; if no experience, we will send basic training materials in advance to peruse.