The 2024 Conference Programme will not be ready until early 2024 but you can see below the 2023 programme highlights. If you would like to submit a paper for next year or participate in the event in some way please complete this enquiry form.

Session 1 – Test Before You Build?

Chair: Joy Finnegan, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance Magazine

From LRU to Ironbird: How to Overcome Today’s Testing Challenges – Daniel Hermyt, Key Account Manager Aerospace & Defense, SET GmbH – Smart Embedded Technologies

Digital Twins & Simulation Testing the Possibility – Matt Jackson, Technical Product Manager for HMI Systems, Presagis

Session 2 – High Level Integration and Testing, Complex and Embedded Systems

Chair: Jacques Gatard, OcBizDev

Strategies for Integration of a Diagnostic STL with the Wind River Safety-Certifiable Hypervisor – Stefan Harwarth, Senior Field Application Engineer, Wind River

MCPs and WCET: A Holistic Approach – Mark Pitchford, Technical Specialist, LDRA Software Technology

Achieving Certification of Multicore Avionics Systems to DO-178C/ED-12C DAL A using a Multicore RTOS – Author: Richard Jaenicke, Director of Marketing, Green Hills Software and Presented by: Brian Riley, Product Engineer, Green Hills Software

Multicore Processing in the Safety Critical Avionics Environment – Gary Gilliland, Technical Marketing Manager, DDC-I Inc.

Session 3 – Software and Hardware in the Loop Testing 

Chair: Matt Jackson, Presagis 

Ethernet TSN in Aerospace Systems: Experimental Assessment of the QoS Mechanisms – Jacques Gatard, Aerospace and Defense Business Development, RealTime-at-Work (RTaW)

Incremental Integration and Testing for Time-Critical Applications Above Multicore Platform – Dr. Damien Chabrol, Co-Founder and Chief Advanced Engineering, Krono-Safe

Session 4 – Cybersecurity in the Testing Environment

Chair: Joy Finnegan, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance Magazine

How to Get Started with a Formalized Requirements Process in an Avionic System Development – Micaël Marins, Europe & Brazil Sales Director, Visure Solutions

Ensuring Aerospace Cybersecurity Through Testing – Noam Menscher, Independent Aerospace Cyber Security Consultant

Incorporating DO-326A Security Airworthiness into your SDLC – Ricardo Camacho, Director Safety & Security Compliance, Parasoft

Session 5 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Within The Testing Environment

Chair: Jacques Gatard, OcBizDev

Fitness for purpose and Absence of Unintended Function of Machine Learning Applications in Aerospace – It’s all about the Data – Ramanujam Kalale, Certification & Systems Engineer, Daedalean AG

Next Generation Architecture: AI Engineering – Michael Mattarock II, Senior AI Technologist and Program Development Lead, Carnegie Mellon University

Improving Design and Testing HMI Systems – Matt Jackson, Embedded Graphics Technical Product Manager, Presagis

Session 6 – Challenges in the Changing Testing Environment

Chair: Joy Finnegan, Aerospace Tech Review / Aviation Maintenance Magazine

How Can Off-Air Testing Contribute to the Always Connected Aircraft? – Ole Madsen, Technical Sales Manager, GateHouse SatCom – See Slides or

Implementing DevSecOps In A&D – Ian Ferguson, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Lynx Software Technologies

Present and Future Challenges of Certifying Multicore DO-178C Avionics in Line With A(M)C 20-193 Objectives​ – Dr. Guillem Bernat, CEO, Rapita Systems Ltd.