The 2024 Conference Programme will not be ready until early 2024 but you can see below the 2023 programme highlights. If you would like to submit a paper for next year or participate in the event in some way please complete this enquiry form.

Session 1 – Mandates and Regulatory Frameworks Updates

Chair: John McHale, OpenSystems Media

Standards Enabling Safe and Sustainable Aviation – Anna Guégan, Senior Technical Programme Manager, EUROCAE

Fact or Fiction:  The New 2023 Required ARP4754B and ARP4761A for ALL Aircraft & Systems? – Vance Hilderman, CTO, AFuzion

Are There Any Real Benefits in Using MOSA in Commercial Avionics? – Chip Downing, Senior Market Development Director, Aerospace…

Session 2 – Aviation Infrastructure

Chair: Murray Skelton, FLYHT Aerospace

Radio Altimeters / 5G Spectrum Issue; Potential Interference from MFCN (5G) into the Radio Altimeter – Raffi Khatcherian

Wireless Load Import and Remote Data Loading – David Reulet, Maintenance and Recording Systems Manager, AIRBUS SAS

Session 3 – EVTOLs, UAMs, and Drones

Chair: Anna von Groote, EUROCAE 

A New Conops for U-Space & UAM in Europe – Patricia Hervias

A New Class of Datalink for Uncrewed Aviation – Mark ter Hove, Senior Manager

eVToL Challenges for Avionics – Martial Montrichard, CTO, Metavonics

Session 4 – Technology Trends in Avionics

Chair: Paul Parkinson, Wind River

The Role of AI Standards in Aviation Data Analysis – Thuc Nguyen Tri

AI in ACAS and Its Validation – Garfield Dean, ACAS Specialist, EUROCONTROL

LAPARTS: Advanced Touch-Display for Enhanced Safety and its ARINC 661 Part 2

Multi-core Processors and Safety Certification: How Virtualization Can Help?  – Olivier Charrier, Principal Technologist, Wind River

Systemic User eXperienceDesign Approach – Mélina Fournier, UX Design Researcher PhD Candidate, Thales Avionics

Session 5 – Use and Trends in Data and Cybersecurity

Chair: Philippe Lievin, Collins Aerospace

Review of Technologies and the Need to Harmonise (LTE, 5G, Wifi, Gatelink, SatComs) – Fernando Fontanet, Project Engineering

Handover in the Future Reduced Crew Operations, Why We Need Relevant Knowledge Exchange – Thomak Leduc, PhD Student

Airborne Data Loaders and Cybersecurity Challenges -Dorian Uzun, Product Manager, Avionica, LLC.

Session 6 – How Innovation can Assist in Aviation Sustainability

Chair: Dr. Stavros Stromatas, EUROCONTROL

How Innovation can Assist in Aviation Sustainability – Ana Garcia Garriga

Incentivising Aviation to Tackle its Non-CO2 Effects with Contrail

Aviation GHG Impact Measurements – Jacques Gatard, Founder, OcBizDev

Collaborative European Wide Efforts for More Sustainable Aviation in the Very Large Scale Demonstration Project ALBATROSS – Mattia Nurisso, Air Traffic Management Program Manager, AIRBUS