New Testing Strategies for New Technologies

Wednesday 3rd November

Joint Opening Keynote
9am - 10:30am in the Auditorium

Aerospace Testing
Urban Air Mobility, EVTOLS and UAVs
11:00  to  12:30

The concept of Urban Air Mobility is rapidly developing, but with little in terms of regulations and understanding the impact on the airspace - what do we have to test for if we have hundreds in the sky? What are the requirements, how do we appropriately test a crash, what about acoustic emissions tests, how to test without autorotation, what about detect and avoid? In this session we discuss some of the requirements and implications.

Pablo Romero Cumbreras. Application Engineer. MathWorks.
Tobias Willuhn. Program Manager Aerospace & Defence. Rohde & Schwarz.
Aerospace Testing
High Level Integration and Testing, Complex and Embedded Systems
14:00  to  15:30

With systems becoming more complex and the integration of systems of systems, greater use of multicore processors, how can we ensure testing and certification integrity, including COTS components? What are the issues with GPUs and GPGPUs with no current regulatory guidance? How can we test blockchain authentication to identify corruption?  In this session we investigate the challenges in integration and testing of high level, complex and embedded systems.

Lucas Fryzek. Field Application Engineer. CoreAVI.
Tim Loveless. Principal Solutions Architect. Lynx Software Technologies.
Dr Samuel Thompson. Senior Research Consultant. Rapita Systems Ltd.
Uwe Kronholm. Senior Software Engineer. Parasoft.
Hashem Ghazzawi. Account Manager. Rapita Systems.
Joseph Anderson. Field Application Engineer. Rapita Systems.
Aerospace Testing
Ensuring Successful Testing in the New Environment
16:00  to  17:30

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on the working environment, including how testing is undertaken. Remote and virtual testing has moved rapidly forward, whlst developments in digital twinning has revolutionised the way the testing and verification is undertaken. What's the impact of the new working environment on multicore, digital twins and digital manufacturing, and what role can predictive maintenance play? How do we employ measures to ensure the reliability and integrity of testing in this new age?

James Hui. Solution Engineer. Wind River.
Frederic Poirier. Sales Manager. EVOMESURE.

Thursday 4th November

Aerospace Testing
Cybersecurity Within The Testing Environment
09:00  to  10:30

Cyber attacks are a major threat to any organisation and is increasing in activity. As more testing moves to server or cloud based environments, securing test processes and data is becoing increasingly important. Cybersecurity also needs to be designed into avionics to maintain continuous airworthiness & testing requirements. What do regulators want the idustry to do to meet cybersecurity standards, what does airline need to do to enhance network security on connected aircraft & test it?

Aerospace Testing
Electrification, Aerostructures, Materials Testing
11:00  to  12:30

With more new materials in aerostructures, new processes are required to successfully test from birth to death. How do we standardise testing for 3D printing, conductive inks, graphine, ALM  for temperature, pressure, loads, corrossion, reliability, obsolence or robustness?  Electrification brings new power supply issues, providing potential problems for avionics. How can electrification develop reliable tests of electrical systems?

Rene Sicard. TecScan Systems Inc. R&D Manager.
Teddy Canadas. Chief Commercial Officer. TESTIA, an Airbus Company.
Florin Turcu. Product Marketing Manager – Phased Array technologies. Olympus Europe.
Dr Christopher Buchmann. Product Owner, Head of M&P. InFactory Solutions GmbH.
Jacques Gatard. Consultant. Aerospace Specialist.
Aerospace Testing
The Future of Testing
14:00  to  16:00

With Machine Learning and AI the current buzz for the future of the aerospace industry, how do we approach designing and testing for automation? How do we identify what to test and to what standards, how do we ensure safety of systems and how to test new processes such as transition from automation to pilot and vice versa? In this session we take a look at what the future of testing holds.

Ivan Burdun. President. AIXTREE SAS.
Lew Wingate. Vice President, Distribution and Ground Support Test Equipment. Barfield.
Matthew Jackson. Technical Product Manager. Presagis.
Yves Saint-Upery. Systems Integration Senior Expert. Airbus Operations SAS – Airbus Commercial Aircraft.
Corentin Perret-Gentil. Machine learning scientist. Daedalean.
Andre Bubin. IT Engineer. AIXTREE S.A.S..